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Advent T9100 PC

CPUIntel Pentium 4 3.2E GHz HT (Prescott)
BIOSPhoenix-Award BIOS. Press the Delete key to enter
MotherboardECS SF2/661FX Rev:2.2A
Memory512MB DDR PC2700 RAM (2 memory slots. Max 2GB)
Hard Drive160 GB Western Digital Caviar WD1600BB *
CD DriveLite-On LDW-811S 8x DVD±RW
Star Logic DVD-ROM DVD-16X6S
Floppy DriveFloppy disk drive fitted
Video CardnVIDIA GeFORCE FX 5500 (256MB)
TV CardAverMedia TV-tuner
Sound CardRealtek AC'97 audio
SpeakersAdvent stereo powered speakers
ModemEither a "Conexant PCI HSPi V.92 (CX11252-11)" or a "Lectron I56LVPC7 PCI"
Network CardRealtek 8139 / 810X (Onboard)
ASUS WL-138g Wireless LAN adapter
Ports (Front)1x IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
2x USB 2.0
1x Line-out
1x Microphone
1x 7-in-1 Card Reader
Ports (Rear)1x PS/2 Mouse
1x PS/2 Keyboard
1x IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
4x USB 2.0
1x Parallel
1x Serial
1x LAN
1x Line-in
1x Line-out
1x Microphone
1x VGA
1x S-Video (TV-out)
1x DVI
1x Telephone
1x Modem
1x Wireless LAN Aerial
1x TV Card **
KeyboardAdvent multimedia keyboard
MouseAdvent optical mouse

* May have a Samsung SP1604N fitted instead.

** TV Card connectors (L-R) - Remote Sensor Socket, Audio In, Audio Out, S-Video In, Composite Video In, TV Aerial Socket, FM Aerial Socket.

Case Disassembly

Release the side of the case by removing the 2 screws on the right hand side at the back.


Your PC should have a backup copy of all the drivers, you can find it by browsing to the c:\applications\drivers folder.

Motherboard Information

  • Form Factor: microATX. Size: 244*230mm. Layer: 4 layers
  • CPU Support: Socket type: P4 Socket478. Type: 1.5G/1.6G/1.7G…2.8G and above.
  • System Memory: Module Speed: DDR266 / DDR333/ DDR400. Socket Type: Two DDR 184-pin unbuffered DIMM sockets. Maximum Memory size: 2GB.
  • Core Logic (Chipset): North Bridge: SiS661FX Host interface controller.
  • AGP controller : AGP 3.0 compliant. 1.5V AGP Interface. AGP 8X/4X Interface.
  • IO Controller: South Bridge: SiS964 / 964L
  • Audio Chipset: AC’97 Audio Codec Compliant with AC'97 v2.2 specification
  • Connectors:
    • IDE Headers: Two 40-pin IDE low profile headers
    • Devices: Up to 4 IDE devices Speed: PIO mode, ATA100/133 1.8. Serial ATA
    • Revision: Serial ATA V1.0 Compliant
    • Connectors: Two 7-pin SATA connectors
    • Devices: Up to 2 SATA devices
    • Speed: 1.5Gbps 1.9. Audio Connectors and Headers Real Audio
    • Connector: Line Out, Line In, Microphone In
    • One CD-in header (4*1)
    • One Aux-in header (4*1)
    • One Intel specification audio header (5*2) 1.10.


JP1 - Clear CMOS. 1-2: Normal, 2-3 Clear
JP3 - BIOS Protection. 1-2: Write Enabled, 2-3 Write Disabled

In the Box

Disks Supplied

  • Advent Recovery CD version 3
  • Microsoft Works 7 CD
  • Sonic MyDVD installation CD

Items Supplied

  • Advent USB keyboard and optical mouse
  • Advent stereo speakers, with power adaptor
  • UK mains power cable
  • UK modem cable
  • AverMedia remote control with 2 x 'AA' batteries
  • AverMedia remote device control cable
  • FM antenna
  • TV Line out to audio line in patch cable
  • Wireless LAN antenna

Documentation Supplied

  • Advent users manual
  • Microsoft Windows XP "Start here"
  • Setting up your Advent computer
  • Setting up your wireless network
  • Using 5.1 surround sound
  • AverTV setup guide
  • USB keyboard and mouse guide
  • Preinstalled applications after recovery

Recovery Disc

To recover your Advent PC you will need your Advent System Recovery CD.

  • Place the CD into the DVD drive and restart your computer.
  • Press R on the keyboard when prompted.
  • The recovery will load and display a menu of options:
    • Non-destructive recovery: this option will restore Windows, supplied applications, and drivers. This option will not destroy your documents or programs. These will be backed up along with the registry. These are restored at the end of the recovery process.
    • System Recovery - No format: this will reinstall Windows, supplied applications and drivers. It will move your files to a folder called "My old disk structure". Any applications (except those supplied) will need to be reinstalled.
    • System Recovery - Quick format: this option will erase your hard drive including your personal files. Windows, supplied applications and drivers will be reinstalled.
  • Select the Non-destructive recovery option and press Next.
  • You will be informed about System Restore in Windows, click Yes.
  • The recovery will begin. Once this is complete you should eject the CD and click Restart.

Due to the nature of the recovery process you should not use FDISK or any other partition management software to delete the partition on your Advent computer. Doing so will prevent the recovery from functioning correctly. If the recovery asks for a second CD you will need to obtain an Update CD from Advent.

Additional information.

Press the ALT and D keys at the recovery menu to access a command prompt. This will allow access to C: drive. The command prompt will default to E:\i386\system32 where you can run a variety of tools including CHKDSK.EXE.

Pressing CTRL + BACKSPACE at the ‘Press R to display system recovery options’ will display the manufacturers hidden menu. This menu contains a number of tools to delete or recreate the partitions on the hard disk drive.

Reinstalling applications

From version 2.x of the recovery system onwards you can install applications from the c:\applications folder. Drivers can be installed from the c:\applications\drivers folder and utilities from the c:\applications\tools folder. You will still need to install Microsoft Works from the supplied CD.