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Please note the following before emailing -

UKT Support is a completely independent website and has no links with any of the manufacturers listed on the site or the stores where the products are available for sale. If you wish to complain about a product then please use the links section to look up the relevant company's official website.

We do not provide computer support via e-mail. This site is run by one person (me) and I just don't have time to research and answer questions that are sent to me. Any such emails will be read but not replied to.


For General Enquiries, then you can contact me at

I do try to make sure that all the information on the site is as accurate as possible but if you do come across any errors on the site or message board then please report them to

I'm constantly on the hunt for more information to add to the site, so if you can help fill in some of the gaps then contact me at

A Brief History

Hi, my name is Matt and I'm responsible for this website (yep, its my fault). To answer a few questions about the site I thought it would be worthwhile posting a brief history -

UKT Support first appeared on Compuserve in early 1997. Back then I was working on the PC support helpline for a large electrical retailer in the UK. The intranet we used to look up information was (to be polite) rubbish and I took to keeping the most common Q&As in text files on a floppy disk. Eventually the files grew too big and I decided to post the files onto the internet. I chose the original name UK Technical Support partially due to a lack of imagination but mainly because it was completely anonymous, if my then employers had found out I would probably have been sacked. Despite changing jobs (and web hosts) a couple of times in the years that followed I've kept the site going and it has continued to grow.

From day one it was decided UKT Support would be completely free to use with no premium rate phone lines, subscription services, or charges for support. The cost of running the site is met by having adverts on every page.