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Amstrad PC / Notepad

Amstrad NC100 Issues

Forgetting the Password

It can be erased by holding down the FUNCTION and pressing SECRET/MENU keys together. Then hold down the FUNCTION key and press DEL key. Then press Y and then ENTER.

Transferring Files from the Notepad to a PC using Microsoft Works

On the PC:

  • Go to FILE on the menu, select Create new file for Communication.
  • Select OPTIONS from the menu, then TERMINAL, choosing ANSI for the emulation.
  • Choose OPTIONS again, then COMMUNICATION with the following set: Baud Rate 9600, Parity None, Data Bits 8, Stop Bits 1, Port (Com1 or Com2 if using Packard Bell)

On the Notepad:

  • Press the Yellow key & S together for the Terminal mode.
  • On the PC in Works Select CONNECT from the menu.
  • Press the Yellow key & L to list the files on the Notepad.
  • Highlight the file to Transfer, then press the SECRET MENU key.
  • Press T for Transfer, then S to Send the file to the PC.
  • The File will then appear on the PC, where it can be saved.

NC100 gives one long beep and freezes. Machine has to be switched off and data lost

This is a fault with the Lithium battery. Check connection underneath is fully in the "close" position. Otherwise it is a faulty machine.

Amstrad NC200 Issues

Forgetting a Password

There are two ways to protect data on the NC200 - a SETUP password and a PASSWORD LOCK.

A SETUP password makes information become "Secret Information." If you forget this password, you have no option but to erase all the work held in the "Secret Information" file. To do this:

  • Hold down FUNCTION and press SECRET MENU.
  • Hold down FUNCTION and press DELETE.

The second password is a PASSWORD LOCK, ie a password has to be entered on turning the machine before the main menu appears. If you forget this password you have no option but to reset the notebook, erasing all the work in the memory, documents, worksheets, diaries, etc. To do this:

  • Switch off the notebook.
  • Turn on FUNCTION and STOP together with DELETE key.
  • Switch on notebook. If effective, you will hear an extended beep.

Even though italic characters appear on the screen they are not printed as italics (printer being used is BJ 10SX)

ON THE COMPUTER: Set printer driver to Epson 24 pin, set character set to IBM.

ON THE PRINTER: Set all DIP switches off except 5 & 11. Italic characters will now be printed.

Amstrad PC1512/1640 Issues

Time and Date going very slow

On the mouse driver put the /S command on the end so it reads MOUSE /S.

After installing a 3.5" drive it will only format to 360k

Put the following into CONFIG.SYS, DRIVPARM=/D:1.