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Canon BJC-50 Printer




Alternative Drivers

Drivers you can use if the BJC-50 driver is not available.

  • Windows : BJC-70/600/600e/800/4000
  • DOS : Epson LQ-2550(LQ mode/Colour)
  • DOS : BJ-200/200e/200ex (BJ Mode/Black)
  • DOS : BJ-5/10/10e/10ex/10sx/20 (BJ Mode/Black)
  • DOS : Epson 510/850 (LQ Mode/Black)
  • DOS : IBM ProPrinter X24 (BJ Mode/Black)


For Battery Pack NK-300,

  • Charging
    • Plug in the Adapter
    • Close the printer's top lid
    • The charging light should Flash or blink up to 10 hours. When fully charged, the charge light will turn off.
    • A fully charge and good battery can print approx. 180 pages @ 5% coverage, but remember every print job is NOT 5%, so this value can vary greatly. Also If you leave the printer on when not printing, it will shorten the battery time.
  • Discharging / Refresh
    • Insure the battery pack is in the battery case (portable kit)
    • Using a pointed object, ie a pen, press the REFRESH button (right side of battery case).
    • The REFRESH light should blink up to 10 hours max.
    • When the battery is discharged, the printer will start re-charging the battery.


  • BCI-10 - Ink Tank (Black)
  • BC-10 - Print Head
  • BCI-11 Black - Ink Tank (Black BC-11)
  • BCI-11 Colour - Ink Tank (Tri Colour BC-11)
  • BC-11e - Print Head (Colour)

Cleaning Print Head

With the printer online, hold down the RESUME button for 2 beeps.

Serial Number

Located behind battery back, remove battery

Known Issues

Will not run on battery or battery life is short after charge

Note - The printer will not print if both the Battery and the AC Adapter are plugged in at the same time. If this is not the case, then the battery may need refreshing, as follows,

  • Connect the Adapter to the printer
  • Close the printer cover
  • Press the REFRESH button on the battery pack, the refresh light should begin flashing, it could take up to 10 hours to refresh the battery.

The battery may get a memory effect, meaning it will not charge to full capacity. This is the purpose of the REFRESH function.

The printer does not turn on

There is a power lock switch at the side of the printer beside the power connector, make sure that this is not in the lock position. Of note, if the power lock is enabled when the printer is on, you will not be able to switch the printer off.

Error Codes

Error ConditionError LEDPower LEDBeepsSolution
Paper PickupSteadySteady1Add paper or restack
Paper DeliverySteadySteady2Remove any paper jammed
BJ Cartridge Not DetectedSteadySteady3Re-install cartridge or replace it
Cartridge MismatchSteadySteady4Install correct cartridge
No BatterySteadySteady6Install battery
Low Battery WarningSteadySteadyLong / ShortCharge battery
Manual Feed ErrorBlinksSteady1Check paper
Low InkBlinksSteady2Replace cartridge
Cartridge ErrorBlinksSteady3Check/Reinstall cartridge, replace cartridge
Low Battery WarningBlinksSteady4Charge battery
Waste Full WarningBlinksSteady5Waste is almost full , printer needs service
Failed Battery WarningBlinksSteady6Replace battery
Service ErrorsBlinksBlinks1-12Requires service

If the printer does not turn on and the adapter is plugged in. There is a power lock switch at the side of the printer beside the power connector, insure this is not in the lock position. If the power lock is enabled when the printer is on, you will not be able to switch the printer off.

Waste Error Reset

Many thanks to Rainer Boesch for sending this in -

  1. Unplug Power Cord
  2. Remove the Battery
  3. While pressing and holding the RESUME Button plug in Power Cord
  4. After two seconds press the POWER Button
  5. Release Buttons immediately (as soon as the led light)
  6. Press and hold CARTRIDGE, RESUME and POWER Buttons
  7. Release all Buttons after the beeps (POWER LED will be off, Charger LED will light orange)
  8. Press CARTRIDGE 16 times (POWER LED and Charger LED will light alternately after each press)
  9. Press RESUME (Printer will automatically power off)
  10. Put Battery back in the tray
  11. Power On and have fun with your Printer (Don't forget to replace or clean the Waste Tank Pad!!!)