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Canon BJC-70 Printer




Alternative Drivers

Drivers you can use if the BJC-70 driver is not available.

  • Windows : BJC-70/600/600e/800/4000
  • DOS : Epson LQ-2550(LQ mode/Colour)
  • DOS : BJ-200/200e/200ex (BJ Mode/Black)
  • DOS : BJ-5/10/10e/10ex/10sx/20 (BJ Mode/Black)
  • DOS : Epson 510/850 (LQ Mode/Black)
  • DOS : IBM ProPrinter X24 (BJ Mode/Black)


For Battery Pack NK-300,

  • Charging
    • Plug in the Adapter
    • Close the printer's top lid
    • The charging light should Flash or blink up to 10 hours. When fully charged, the charge light will turn off.
    • A fully charge and good battery can print approx. 180 pages @ 5% coverage, but remember every print job is NOT 5%, so this value can vary greatly. Also If you leave the printer on when not printing, it will shorten the battery time.
  • Discharging / Refresh
    • Insure the battery pack is in the battery case (portable kit)
    • Using a pointed object, ie a pen, press the REFRESH button (right side of battery case).
    • The REFRESH light should blink up to 10 hours max.
    • When the battery is discharged, the printer will start re-charging the battery.


  • BCI-10 - Ink Tank (Black)
  • BC-10 - Print Head
  • BCI-11 Black - Ink Tank (Black BC-11)
  • BCI-11 Colour - Ink Tank (Tri Colour BC-11)
  • BC-11e - Print Head (Colour)

Cleaning Print Head

Hold down cleaning button for 1 beep (quick clean) or 2 beeps (long clean).

Self Test

There are several printer self-tests all accessed the same way.

  • Make sure the sheet feeder contains a stack of paper, and the printer is turned on.
  • Press and hold the MENU button until the second beep.
  • The Word "FONT" disappears from the display and the number starts blinking.
  • Press the CARTRIDGE button until the number you require appears - see list below for what each number does.
    • 2. All modes pattern - this shows all the characters in various pitches and heights.
    • 3. Ripple pattern - this prints a staggered list of all the characters.
    • 4. Nozzle pattern - this prints a series of horizontal lines to make sure the nozzle is functioning correctly.
    • 6. Test Pattern - this prints a Canon BJ-30 Description.
    • 7. Font Pattern - this prints all characters in the available print styles and pitches in each control mode.
  • Press MENU to start the test.

Serial Number

Location - Case coloured label located on underside of printer
Prefixes - XAK, XAX...

Special Paper

  • CF-102A4 - Transparencies. Used for producing overhead transparencies.
  • GP-101A4 - Glossy Paper. Heavier coated paper, used for graphics.
  • LC-101A4 - Coated A4 Paper. Coated paper used for high quality print.
  • LC-301A4 - BubbleJet Paper A4. Lightly coated, water resistant everyday usage paper.
  • FS-101 - Fabric Sheet. Allows images to be printed onto 100% Cotton fabric (Machine Washable).
  • BF-102A4 - Back Print Film A4. Used to produce back-lit displays.
  • HG-101 - High Gloss Film A4. Gives documents a Gloss finish, used for reports/graphics.

Known Issues

Black Page When Printing Faxes

If when you print a fax, it comes out as a solid black page, go into the printer's properties and set the printer to Mono.

Will not run on battery or battery life is short after charge

Note - The printer will not print if both the Battery and the AC Adapter are plugged in at the same time. If this is not the case, then the battery may need refreshing, as follows,

  • Connect the Adapter to the printer
  • Close the printer cover
  • Press the REFRESH button on the battery pack, the refresh light should begin flashing, it could take up to 10 hours to refresh the battery.

The battery may get a memory effect, meaning it will not charge to full capacity. This is the purpose of the REFRESH function.

Powers off when printing from DOS

When printing from a DOS application or by doing a Print Screen, the printer shuts off when it prefeeds the paper. However if you print from Windows, the printer works ok.

The solution is to set the printer from BJ mode to LQ mode. Note this will not affect any Windows printing as BJ and LQ modes are only used in DOS.

Error Codes

C1Waste Ink WarningPress Online to continue printing, Note to stop this error you are require to take the printer in for service.
C5Low Battery WarningTry recharging the battery
E1Paper Pickup Error or out of paperAdd Paper or clear paper jam and press the ONLINE button.
E2Paper Delivery JamClear paper jam and press the ONLINE button.
E6Not detecting the print headInstall the print head or replace it
FCLow Battery ErrorTry recharging the battery, if this fails replace the NiCAD battery
F12PrintHead Temperature ErrorTry installing a NEW print head, if the problem continues the printer requires service
F13Print Head Installation ErrorTry installing a NEW print head or reinstalling the print head, if the problem continues the printer requires service
F14Waste Ink is FullRequires Service. See below to reset.
Online button is blinkingCartridge/Printhead not detectedCheck and see if the printhead is sitting in the midde. Typically means replacement of the printhead, try reseating the printhead

F14 Error Reset

1: Unplug adapter
2: Hold POWER
3: Plug in ADAPTER
4: Release POWER after printer starts
5: Hold FF and MENU and press POWER
6: Release after beeps
7: Press <> Cartridge until 1D is displayed
8: Press ONLINE
9: Press POWER to shutoff printer
10: Unplug printer then replug printer