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Compaq Presario Phone Center FAQ

Patch Disks

SP2694 - Solves the problem of the phone centre dialling 8 digit telephone numbers incorrectly.
SP2339 - Solves the problem of the Phone Centre waking up from sleep mode with lines down the screen after a call is received.
SP2355 - Solves the ""Could not open a PIM Cursor. Check if PIM Server is up."" error message.
SP2871 - Solves various problems with the address book
SP4274 - Solves the error message concerning the "DAO jet engine" on the Presario 1600 and 4800 models, which can appear when loading phone center.
SP4437 - Solves the problem accessing Phone Center causes a lockup after waking up from Sleep mode.
SP7489 - Solves the problems whereby if a customer upgrades to Windows 98, the Compaq Phone Center will not fax, or when the Compaq Phone Center is run under Windows 98, a memory leak can eventually cause the Phone Center to stop working.
SP7929 - Resolves the errors "Canít find FTFAPI32.DLL" or "FAPI32.DLL is missing or corrupted" that may appear on Presario 4800 with 64MB RAM when trying to receive a fax.

Phone Center freezes on the "Initializing" screen

I've found that the following solution works for a lot of people who have the problem where Phone Center gets stuck on the "Initializing" screen.

  • Go to your Control Panel (Start-Settings-Control Panel)
  • Double click the Add/Remove Programs icon
  • Click the Windows Setup tab.
  • Scroll down the list and find Microsoft Fax
  • Remove the checkmark by it and click OK. Microsoft Fax will be removed.
  • Go back into the Add/Remove Programs, Windows Setup section.
  • Replace the checkmark next to Microsoft Fax and click OK.
  • A fresh copy of the Microsoft Fax components will be installed.
  • If you are asked for a Windows diskette or CD, just click Browse and tell it to look in c:\windows\options\cabs for the files. Shutdown and restart and try using Phone Center again.

Receiving Faxes in Sleep Mode

A possible fix for the Compaq not receiving fax's in sleep mode is as follows,

  • F10 Setup
    • Shutdown and Restart the computer.
    • During startup hit the F10 key when the cursor moves to the top right of the screen.
    • Select the language you want to view the information
    • Select Computer Setup
    • Select Power Management
    • Select Power Management Off
    • Exit and Save the changes.
  • Windows 95
    • In Windows 95, Click on Start, then Settings, then Control Panel.
    • Double click on the Power icon.
    • Change the setting from either Standard or Advanced to OFF.
    • Click on the OK button.

Problems Sending Faxes

Open the Phone system. Click FILE, PREFERENCES, open the Fax tab. Make sure your phone number is listed. Set the no. of times to try and send a fax to 3 (if 3 doesn't work, try setting it to 0). Then the minutes between attempts to send a fax to 5. Then click OK. Restart the computer, and try sending again.

Also try, deleting all files from C:\COMPAQ\CPQPHONE\FAX\OUTBOX because there may be a corrupt file in there. Restart the computer, and try sending again.

Cannot Receive Faxes

If the Voice greeting is shorter than 2 beeps or the timing of the beeps is such that only one is heard during voice transmission, the line will be dropped. Change the voice message for a longer one.

It might also be worth trying the following -

  • Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel
  • Double click on the Telephony icon.
  • Single left click on the Compaq Presario service provider entry.
  • Hit the Remove button. Confirm if Windows asks.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Go back into the Telephony section and Add the "Compaq Telephony Service Provider" back in.

Compaq .FAX Format

It may appear that files can be attached to faxes in the Compaq Phone Centre but all is not well. These files must be .fax format which is basically a bitmap. So the idea is that punters can forward faxes they have received and pictures from say MSPaint but nothing useful like attaching a wordprocessed document.

TAPI Errors

If you get the error message "A telephony resource unavailable this could mean a short wait is necessary or that a none Tapi application is using the line"

According to Compaq the solution is to delete a file called "telephon.ini" in the windows directory. Then restart computer.

If you get the message "TAPI operations failed for unknown reason" error message. The TAPI error when starting Phone Center is easy to fix.

  • Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel
  • Double click on the Telephony icon.
  • Single left click on the Compaq Presario service provider entry.
  • Hit the Remove button. Confirm if Windows asks.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Go back into the Telephony section and Add the "Compaq Telephony Service Provider" back in.

Caller ID on Compaqs

The caller ID software supplied as part of the Compaq Phone Centre, was designed to work in the USA only, and apparently doesn't work in the UK.

"Cannot Save Changes to Module xxxx"

When sending a scheduled fax, you get the message mentioned above. Go into the C:\COMPAQ\CPQPHONE\FAX\ directory and there will be three subdirectories (Inbox, Outbox, User). Create a new directory (ie Faxmess), and then edit the file Faxtalk.ini, and change the SendPath to the path of the new folder (ie C:\COMPAQ\CPQPHONE\FAX\FAXMESS). Go back into phone centre and all should be fine.

Compaq Phone Center and Scanners

If a scanner is installed while attempting to use the Compaq Phone Center, the system reports the Telephony device is in use and you will not be able to dial using the Compaq Phone Center.

The solution is to download the latest version of the modem drivers, from Compaq's website, the file you need to download is SP4492.EXE, you will need to close the Phone Center and any other Communications software before running it. This will update the drivers to a version later than 1.11.

Phone Center not Hanging up the Phone Line

On certain lines, the modem will not detect that a caller has hung up after leaving a message of any length.

Firstly check that there is a maximum message length. By default this is 2 minutes, but there is an option to set NO maximum length, which means if the modem doesn't hang up it can run forever. If this doesn't solve the problem advise callers to press the # (Hash) key on their phone at the end of the message. This will force the modem to hang up.

Sending a Fax in Phone Center

There are 2 ways to send a fax from Windows 95 using Phone Center.

  • From within Phone Center
    • Single click on the Phone Center icon located in the task bar.
    • From the Phone Center menu bar select Fax.
    • Select Send Quick Fax. Enter the cover sheet information and select OK.
    • The Send a Fax screen will appear.
    • Select a recipient from the list, if the recipient already exists in the Address Book then select Add.
    • If this is a new recipient, select New. Fill in the recipient information and select OK.
    • Select Send. The number will be dialled and after connection the fax will be sent.
    • To view the status of the fax, select Fax, and then View Scheduled Faxes.
  • Sending from within an Application
    • To fax from within an application, complete the document and select the application's print function.
    • Make sure the printer selected is Compaq Fax, and select OK.
    • The Send a Fax screen will appear.
    • Select recipients as described in procedure 1.
    • To edit a cover sheet, select the Edit button in the cover sheet section. Fill out the information and select OK.
    • This will take you back to the Send a Fax screen. Select Send, the number will be dialled and the fax sent.
    • To view the status of the fax, select Fax, and then View Scheduled Faxes.

Stop Phone Center from loading at startup

You can disable the Phone Center from starting automatically by deleting the Phone Center shortcut from your Startup group. Here's how:

  • From your Start Menu, choose Settings, then Taskbar
  • Click the "Start Menu Programs" tab
  • Then click the Remove button.
  • Open the folder named Startup
  • Remove the icon for Phone Center

You will still be able to run the Phone Center normally, but it will no longer come up when you first turn on the computer.

CPQPHONE is linked to missing export file MAPI32.DLL

Most likely another program has installed an older version of MAPI32.DLL. Use Start-Find to look for all instances of MAPI32.DLL on your hard drive. Compare the dates and put the most recent one in your c:\windows\system directory. Then reboot your system and try using Phone Center.

If you have installed or upgraded to Netscape Communicator 4.5, and receive the following error message when trying to use the Compaq Phone Center: "CPQPHONE IS LINKED TO THE MISSING EXPORT FILE MAPI32.DLL" do the following:

  • In Netscape Communicator 4.5 click on "Edit".
  • Click on "Preferences"
  • Highlight "Mail & Newsgroups"
  • If the box that says "Use Netscape Messenger from MAPI based Applications" is checked, UNCHECK it.
  • Click OK to save your changes.

When you run Netscape Messenger, if a message appears asking if you would like to make Messenger your default mail program, first place a check in the box that says "Do not ask this question again", and then click "Yes". Repeat the above procedure. Make sure the box that says "Use Netscape Messenger from MAPI based applications" is NOT Checked, and be sure to exit this window by checking "OK" to save your changes.

Communicator 4.5 is the first version to have this box checked by default on installation. Previous versions left it unchecked. According to the Netscape web site, checking this box causes Communicator to replace the Windows version of the MAPI32.DLL file with it's own version. This apparently causes a conflict with the Compaq Phone Center. Unchecking this box restores the original Windows version of MAPI32.DLL.