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Packard Bell Explorer M/Board

explorer board diagram

There are two versions of the Explorer motherboard, depending on the type of CPU it supports. Part numbers of the Explorer motherboard are: 683623xxxx and 683767xxxx.

683623xxxx motherboards support AMD Athlon and Duron processors.
683767xxxx motherboards support only AMD Duron processors.

For detailed information on how to identify the type of motherboard, see the Jumpers section at the bottom of the page.


  • Audio: Sigmatel Technologiesí Sigmatel STAC9756T-audio codec
  • Bios: AMI
  • Chipset : VIA KM133A, including the VIA VT8365A Northbridge controller. VIA VT 686B Southbridge controller
  • CPU Support :
    • Socket 462 for AMD PGA Duron/Athlon processor.
    • 100/133 MHz Host bus speed (uses dual clocking to obtain 200/266 MHz FSB)
      • Supports 200 MHz FSB Athlon at 1300 MHz maximum
      • Supports 266 MHz FSB Athlon at 1333 MHz maximum
      • Supports 266 MHz FSB Athlon XP 2000+ maximum
      • Supports 200 MHz FSB Duron at 1300 MHZ maximum
    • Note -
      • above CPUs are only supported with the latest BIOS version.
      • above Athlon CPU's are only supported on 683623xxxx, see note above
      • Athlon XP 1800+ only supported on revision 6836230400
  • Form Factor : Flex-ATX 24.4 cm. x 20.0 cm Form Factor
  • RAM :
    • 4 memory banks (2 slots) using three 168-pin unbuffered DIMM.
    • Single- or double-sided DIMMS with gold-plated contacts with clock specifications of 100 or 133 MHz.
    • Supports a maximum memory size of 1 GB - 512 (128-bit technology) or 256 MB (64-bit technology) registered DIMMs. 1 GB unregistered DIMMS (256-bit technology)
    • 3.3 V SDRAM DIMMs.
    • ECC memory checking is not supported.

Adding RAM is the most cost effective way to boost your computer's performance.


JBAT1 - Clear CMOS jumper1-2: Normal operation (default)
2-3: Clear current BIOS default settings
J6 - Front Side Bus speedON: 133 MHz: Supports 266 MHz FSB Athlon at 1333 MHz maximum and 266 MHz FSB Athlon XP 2000+ maximum
OFF: 100 MHz: Supports 200 MHz FSB Duron at 1300 MHZ maximum and 200 MHz FSB Athlon at 1300 MHz maximum
J9 - Bios Configuration Access 1-2: Normal operation (default)
2-3: Access BIOS maintenance panel
None: BIOS recovery

Note: When jumper J9 is set to position 2-3, you will find a new option in the BIOS Setup: Maintenance. Here you can clear all user and supervisor passwords (press and confirm the operation).

Athlon/Duron processor identification

Motherboard for Athlon and Duron processor Part number 683623xxxxMotherboard for Duron processor Part number 683767xxxx
Explorer Athlon IdExplorer Duron Id

Front Panel Header (JFP1)

Explorer Front Panel

Back Panel

Explorer Back Panel

  • A - PS/2 mouse port
  • B - PS/2 keyboard port
  • C, D - USB ports
  • E - Serial port
  • F - VGA port
  • G - Stereo Line out
  • H - Stereo Line in
  • I - Microphone mono in
  • J - Printer port
  • K - MIDI and game port