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Packard Bell Phoenix NU BIOS Beep Codes

Post LocationTest PT.    Beep Code
Verify Real Mode0021-1-1-3
Get CPU Cycle0041-1-2-1
Hardware Init0061-1-2-3
Chipset Init0081-1-3-1
CPU Initialise00A1-1-3-3
Cache Initialise00C1-1-4-1
I/O Initialise00E1-1-4-3
Power Management Initialise0101-2-1-1
Register Initialise0111-2-1-2
User Patch 00121-2-1-3
Initialise Keyboard0141-2-2-1
BIOS Checksum0161-2-2-1
Timer Initialisation0181-2-3-1
DMA Initialisation01A1-2-3-3
Reset Prog. Interrupt Controller01C1-2-4-1
Test DRAM Refresh0201-3-1-1
Test Keyboard Controller0221-3-1-3
Set ES Segment to 4 Gigabytes0241-3-2-1
Enable A20 Line0261-3-2-3
Autosize DRAM0281-3-3-1
Clear 64K Base RAM02A1-3-3-3
Test Base Address Line02C1-3-4-1
Test Base Memory02E1-3-4-3
Test Base Memory (Upper 16 bits)     0301-4-1-1
Compute CPU Speed0321-4-1-3
Test CMOS RAM0341-4-2-1
Register Reinitialize0351-4-2-2
Check Resume0361-4-2-3
Reinitialize Chipset0371-4-2-4
System Shadow0381-4-3-1
Reinitialize Cache0391-4-3-2
Cache Autosize03A1-4-3-3
Advanced Chipset Config.03C1-4-4-1
Advanced Register Config03D1-4-4-2
Read Hardware03E1-4-4-3
Configure CPU Speed0402-1-1-1
Interrupt Vector Initialise0422-1-1-3
Set BIOS Interrupts0442-1-2-1
Check Copyright0462-1-2-3
Check Video Configuration0472-1-3-1
PCI Option Initialise0482-1-2-4
PCI Initialize0492-1-3-2
Initialize Video04A2-1-3-3
Video Shadow Configuration04C2-1-4-1
Copyright Display04E2-1-4-3
Display CPU Type/Speed0502-2-1-1
Test Keyboard0522-2-1-3
Setup Key Click0542-2-2-1
Enable Keyboard0562-2-2-3
Host Interrupt Test0582-2-3-1
Display F205A2-2-3-3
Memory Test05C2-2-4-1
Base Address Test05E2-2-4-3
Extended Memory Test0602-3-1-1
Extended Memory Address Test0622-3-1-3
Userpatch 10642-3-2-1
Cache Advanced Configuration0662-3-2-3
Cache Configure0682-3-3-1
Power Management Setup SSM0692-3-3-2
Display Cache Size06A2-3-3-3
Display Shadow Message06C2-3-4-1
Display Non-Disposable Segments06E2-3-4-3
Display Error Messages0702-4-1-1
Test for Configuration Errors0722-4-1-3
RTC Test0742-4-2-1
Check for Keyboard Errors0762-4-2-3
Enable Keyboard07A2-4-3-3
Setup Hardware Vectors07C2-4-4-1
Coprocessor Test07E2-4-4-3
Disable PIO Devices0803-1-1-1
Detect & Install FXD RS232 Ports0823-1-1-3
Detect & Install FXD LPT Ports0843-1-2-1
Re-enable PIO Devices0863-1-2-3
Initialise BDA0883-1-3-1
Initialise Extended BDA08A3-1-3-3
Initialise Floppy Controller08C3-1-3-1
Initialise Hard Disk Controller0903-2-1-1
Initialise Local Bus IDE Contrl.0913-2-1-2
Userpatch 20923-2-1-3
Disable A20 Line0943-2-2-1
Clear ES Segment Register0963-2-2-3
Search for Option ROMs0983-2-3-1
Shadows Option ROMs09A3-2-3-3
Power Management Setup09C3-2-4-1
Enable Hardware IRQs09E3-2-4-3
Set Time of Day0A03-3-1-3
Check Key Lock0A23-3-1-3
Initialise Typematic Rate0A43-3-2-1
Erase F2 Prompt0A83-3-3-1
Scan for F2 Pressed0AA3-3-3-3
Setup Check0AC3-3-4-1
Clear Boot0AE3-3-4-3
Error Check0B03-4-1-1
POST Done0B23-4-1-3
One Beep0B43-4-2-1
Password Check0B63-4-2-3
System Initialisation0B83-4-3-1
Clear Parity0BC3-4-4-1
Clear Screen0BE3-4-4-3
Check Reminder0BF3-4-4-4
Int 190C04-1-1-1
Exception Interrupt0D04-2-1-1
Unknown Interrupt0D24-2-1-3
Pending Interrupt0D44-2-2-1
Shutdown 50D64-2-2-3
Shutdown Error0D84-2-3-1
Shutdown 100DC4-2-4-1
Bootblock Chipset Initialisation0E24-3-1-3
Bootblock Refresh0E34-3-1-4
Bootblock Force0E44-3-2-1
Bootblock Checksum0E54-3-2-2
Bootblock VGA Check0E64-3-2-3
Bootblock Goto BIOs0E74-3-2-4
Bootblock OEM Initialisation0E84-3-3-1
Bootblock Init HW Interrupt Ctlr0E94-3-3-2
Bootblock RAM Test0EA4-3-3-3
Bootblock Init. Vectors0EB4-3-3-4
Bootblock Init. Out.0EC4-3-4-1
Bootblock Init. Boot Device0ED4-3-4-2
Bootblock Flash0EE4-3-4-3