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Advent 6522 Laptop


CPUIntel Celeron 1.3GHz
BIOSAMIBIOS. Press DEL to enter
ChipsetSIS 630
Memory512MB PC133 SODIMM (2 memory slots. Max 1GB)
Hard Drive30GB Toshiba MK3017GAP
CD DriveMatshita UJDA 710 Combo drive
Floppy DriveFloppy disk drive fitted
Screen15" TFT (Native Res.1024x768)
Video CardSiS 630/730 (up to 64MB shared)
Sound CardSiS 7018
ModemSmartLink 56K
Network CardSiS 900
PC Card1x Type I/II/III
Ports1x IR
1x Kensington Lock
1x USB
1x Modem
1x PS/2
1x Microphone
1x Headphone
1x S-Video (TV-Out)
1x VGA
1x Serial
1x Parallel
1x LAN
Dimensions39.5 x 315 x 256 (HxWxD in mm)
Made ByGericom Webgine (N340S8)


Your laptop should have been supplied with a utility CD which contains a backup copy of all the drivers.

The 6522 is basically a rebadged Gericom Webgine N340S8 (you should see this printed on the underside of the laptop) so you can download the drivers from Gericom's website.

Memory Upgrades

  1. Remove the keyboard by releasing the 3 retractable clips at the front of the keyboard with a small screwdriver (clips are below the 'Fn', 'Alt Gr', and 'Down Arrow' keys).
  2. Lift the keyboard clear of the notebook, there is a ribbon cable attached to the keyboard so take care.
  3. Now lift the metal keyboard protector from the case.
  4. Next remove the metal cover in the middle of the case (held in by two screws).
  5. You now have access to the 2 memory slots.

Adding RAM is the most cost effective way to boost your computer's performance.

Bottom of Laptop

6415 underneath

1. Fixing screw
2. Hard drive bay
3. CPU heatsink / fan grill
4. Fixing screw
5. CPU heatsink cover
6. Battery latches
7. Battery pack

Function Keys

FN + F1 - Hibernate
FN + F3 - Battery Low Warning Beep on/off
FN + F4 - Toggle the display between LCD, CRT, LCD+CRT
FN + F5 - Increase volume
FN + F6 - Decrease volume
FN + F7 - Increase brightness
FN + F8 - Decrease brightness
FN + Num Lock - Activate Numeric Keypad

Note - The Fn + F9/F10 contrast control keys don't work on the 6522 as it has a TFT display. These keys are only designed to work on older models using Dual Scan DSTN screens.

In the Box

Disks Supplied

  • Advent 6522 recovery CD
  • Notebook utility CD
  • Nero burning ROM CD, OEM
  • PowerDVD CD

Items Supplied

  • Advent 6522 notebook
  • Mains power adapter
  • Mains power cable
  • UK modem cable
  • BT connector

Documentation Supplied

  • User manual
  • Advent installation and troubleshooting guide
  • "Windows XP start here" guide


Warning: this process will erase all files from your computer. It is important that you save any personal files to disk before you begin.

A Bootable Recovery CD is supplied with these machines. To recover the system:-

  • Insert CD into the drive.
  • Reboot the PC.
  • A warning message prompting you to backup data before proceeding.
  • Press Y to continue.
  • A final warning that all data will be erased is displayed.
  • Press Y to continue.
  • Finally a message "Remove CD-ROM when prompted" is displayed.
  • Press Y to continue.
  • The image file will load. Once complete you will be prompted to remove the CD and press CTR + ALT + DEL to restart.

Driver CD

The notebook is supplied with a Utility CD. This can be used to restore corrupt drivers. The folders on the CD contain the following -

  • Driver: Drivers for all the hardware.
  • Manual: This folder contains individual PDF files for each chapter
  • Utility: Flash BIOS Utilities, HDPrepare, QKey

Useful Links

Repairs and Spares

All official service and support is handled by Knowhow (basically "The Tech Guys" under a new name), their website is If you laptop is covered under warranty then you need to contact them for repairs.

There are also plenty of other companies that do repairs or supply spare parts, here is a selection -

TechnoMart -
PartMaster (spare parts) -


Replacing the CMOS Battery

To get to the CMOS battery you need to remove the CPU heatsink cover underneath the laptop. The battery is a coin sized CR2025. If you have problems reaching the battery then you'll need to take out the CPU heatsink, to do this remove the 4 screws holding it in and lift out carefully.

Repairing a Broken Charger Socket

Kyle Millican has put together a guide for repairing a broken charger socket on this laptop. The guide is in PDF format and can be downloaded from here - Kyle Millicanís - Advent Laptop Charger Socket Repair Guide (2MB)