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~$~1st Reader Temporary File
~APBorland C++ AppExpert Project Database File
~DEBorland C++ Project Backup File
~DFDelphi Form Backup of a DFM File
~DPDelphi Project Backup of a DPR File
~DRARKEY Drawing Backup File
~MNNorton Menu Backup
~NTNT Install Files (Used between first & second reboot)
~PADelphi Pascal Backup of a PAS File
~PRTerramodel Project Backup
~SGTapCIS Message Index File
###Temporary File
#24Locoscript 24-pin Printer Data File
#IBLocoscript Dot Matrix Data File
#SCLocoscript Dot Matrix Data File
#STLocoscript Dot Matrix Printer Definition File
$$$Used by OS/2 to keep track of archived files
$$$Backup or Temporary File
$$FOS/2 Database
$$POS/2 Notes
$$SOS/2 Spreadsheet
$00DOS system pipefile, also $01, $02...
$D$OS/2 Planner Data File
$DBdBase Temp File
$EDMS C/C++ Temporary Editor File
$LNBorland C++ TLink Response File
$VMMS Windows Virtual Manager Temp File
$VPBackup of Ventura Publisher VP Document
@@@           Screen Files (shown during various installations)
_DDNorton Disk Doctor Recovered File
_DMNuts n Bolts Disk Minder Recovered File
_HAdobe Type Manager Japanese Font outline
_MPInstallShield Temporary Installer File
_VAdobe Type Manager Japanese Font metrics
(D)pcAnywhere Temporary File
000MS Doublespace Compressed Data File
000(000-999) Sequentially Numbered Backup Files
000Geoworks Data
000Paperport Scanned Image (000-600)
000ARJ Multi-volume Compressed Archive (000-999)
001Fax Data File (various)
001HJSplit File (001-999)
00BPenSoft Payroll Backup File
01BPenSoft Payroll Backup File
075Ventura Publisher 75dpi Screen Characters
085Ventura Publisher 85dpi Screen Characters
091Ventura Publisher 91dpi Screen Characters
096Ventura Publisher 96dpi Screen Characters
0BPageMaker Printer Font LineDraw Characters
10XGemini Bitmap Printer Graphics File
113Iomega Backup File
123Lotus File
12ALotus 1-2-3, '97 add-in
12MLotus Smartmaster File
12UPageMaker Font File
15UPageMaker Printer Font
196Computer Snooper Log File
1PETurboTax Form File
1STText File
24B24-bit Graphic File
286Windows Standard Mode Driver
2BPMicrosoft Windows CE Gray Scale Bitmap
2D2D VersaCAD Drawing File
2GRWindows EGA/VGA Screen Grabber
301Fax Data
303Seq-303 Settings
320Chromelion Demo Data File
323H.323 Internet Telephony
340Chromelion Demo Data File
386Windows Enhanced Mode Driver or Swap File
3DVersaCAD 3D Drawing File
3D2Stereo CAD-3D drawing
3DBMoraff Morejongg File
3DM3D Modeler File
3DPSerif 3D Plus
3DS3D Studio Graphic
3DT3D Topicscape database for a 3D mind map or 3D concept map (More Info)
3DVVisual Component File
3DZEasy 3D Creator Project File
3FXCorel Chart 3D Effect
3GRWindows SVGA/XVGA Screen Grabber
3INMSN Setup Information
411Sony Mavica Data File
4DB4D Database Structure File
4DD4D Database Data File
4DF4D Database Windows Search Document
4DL4D Database Windows Log File
4DR4D Database Data File
4DS4D Database Windows Data Segment
4DX4D Database Plug-in
4GEInformix 4GL Compiled Code
4GLInformix 4GL Source
4FI4D Database Windows ASCII Map
4FR4D Database Windows Apply Formula Document
4LB4D Database Windows Label
4LK4D Database Windows Hot Link File
4PPPhotoParade Slideshow (Download Viewer)
4QR4D Database Windows Quick Report
4ST4D Database Windows Saved Set
4SW4DOS Swap File
4THFORTH Program
4UG4D Database Windows User/Groups Set
4VQuartet Music File
4VR4D Database Windows Saved Variable
669Unis Composer Music File
669669 Tracker Module
6CM669 Composer sound
8A86 Assembler Program File
83CTexas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Complex
83DTexas Instruments TI83-Graphlink GDB
83G Texas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Group
83LTexas Instruments TI83-Graphlink List
83MTexas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Matrix
83NTexas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Real
83PTexas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Program
83STexas Instruments TI83-Graphlink String
83TTexas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Table Setup
83WTexas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Window Setup
83YTexas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Y-Variables
83ZTexas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Zoom
850Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Codepage 850 font
852Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Codepage 852 font
854Bitmap Picture
866Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Codepage 866 font
8BAdobe Photoshop 2.5 Plug-in driver/filter
8BAAdobe PhotoDeluxe Plugin (also ends in E, F, I, X, & Y)
8BFFilter Factory File
8CMTriton Fast Tracker sound
8MPageMaker Math 8 Printer Font
8UPageMaker Roman 8 Printer Font
906Calcomp Plotter File
917Trend Antivirus File
94BGuillomet Maxi Home Studio II sound Font