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E3DInstant3D Project
EBDLotus WordPro Border
EBCCITE standard electronic BQ notes file
EBFPocket PC WindowsCE Form File
EBJGeoworks Error Checking Object File
EBOMicrosoft Reader Ebook Format
EBPPocket PC WindowsCE Project File
EBQCITE standard electronic BQ exchange file
EBSWindowsXP Scanner File
ECCEcchi Role-playing Format
ECCEssential Cryptographic Container
ECFMicrosoft Office 97 Add-in Configuration
ECFMicrografx Media Manager
ECFWinFax Office Add-in File
ECWEnsoniq Waveset Format
EDEasyDraw CAD File
ED5EDMICS Graphics File
ED6EDMICS Graphics File
EDAEnsoniq ASR Disk Image
EDBROOTS3 Geneological Data
EDDFrameMaker Element Definition Document
EDEEnsoniq EPS Disk Image
EDFDrumbeat component
EDKEnsoniq KT Disk Image
EDQEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 Disk Image
EDSEnsoniq SQ80 Disk Image
EDTVAX Edt Default Settings
EDVEnsoniq VFX-SD Disk Image
EEBWordPerfect Equation Editor Button Bar
EFAEnsoniq ASR File
EFEEnsoniq EPS File
EFKEnsoniq KT File
EFQEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 File
EFSEnsoniq SQ80 File
EFSEasyFlow 6.x-8.x Flow Chart
EFTChiwriter High Res Screen Characters
EFVEnsoniq VFX-SD File
EFXEverex E-Fax Document
EGABitmap Picture
EGAVentura EGA Screen Characters
ELEmacs Lisp Source Code
ELCeMacs Lisp Byte-compiled Source Code
ELFBlack Belt Systems Extended Layer File
ELIEncyclopedia Article List
ELMMS FrontPage Theme-Pack File
ELTEvent List Text
EMBEverest Embedded Bank File
EMDABT Extended Module
EMFExtended Windows Metafile Format
EMLMicrosoft Outlook Express Mail Message (MIME RFC 822)
EMSPC Tools Enhanced Menu System Config
EMUEMU Sound Font
EMZWindows Compressed Enhanced Metafile
ENCEncore Music File
ENCVideo File
ENCUU-encoded File
ENCKnowledgeware Encyclopedia
ENDCorel Arrow Definition
ENGEnerGraphics image
ENREnroute Toolath
ENTSGML Entities, Character Mapping
ENVHP-95 Environment
ENVWordPerfect Environment
ENVAcrobat Spelling File
ENVSierra Print Artist Envelope
ENWSierra LandDesigner 3D Terrain Modeling
EOTEmbedded Open Type font
EPAAward BIOS Logo
EPDExpress Publisher Publication File
EPIExpress Publisher Document File
EPIEPS Interchange Format
EPSEncapsulated PostScript Image
EPSVentura Printer Font
EPS2Adobe PostScript Level II Encapsulated Postscript
EQNWordPerfect Equation
EQUAssembly Language Equates and Declarations
ER1ERWin File
ERDEntity Relationship Diagram
ERFSGML Visual DTD Entity Reference File
ERMEntity Relationship Diagram Model
ERRError Log (various)
ESFEmblaze Audio File
ESHExtended Shell Batch File
ESIDiskeeper Disk Defragmenter
ESIEsri Plot Vector Drawing
ESLFoxPro Macintosh Runtime Library
ESPVentura File
ESTMS Streets & Trips 2001 Trip File
ETFEnriched Text Format
ETHEthnograph Document File
ETXSetText Structure Enhanced Text
EUCJapanese (Kanji)
EUIEnsoniq ESP Family Compacted Disk Image
EVBEmbedded Visual Basic File (used on Pocket PCs)
EVETTMaker Event Scheduling File
EVTPC Tools Event File Scheduler
EVTMS WinNT/2000 Event Log
EVYCorel Envoy Document
EVYTumbleweed Software ActiveX Control
EWDExpress Publisher for Windows Document
EWLMicrosoft Encarta Document
EX_Compressed EXE
EX$Microsoft compressed EXE, decompress with UNPACK.EXE
EX^Norton Live Update File
EX3Harvard Device Driver
EXCQEMM Exclude File
EXCMicrosoft Word Exclusion Dictionary
EXCText Document
EXEExecutable File
EXMHP-95, 100, 200 Palmtop PC System Manager Compliant Program
EXPExport Library (Microsoft Visual C++ 32-bit linker)
EXP          ICQ Saved Chat File
EXTNorton Commander Extension File
EYBEncyclopedia Yearbook File
EYERenderize Project
EZPEdify Electronic Workforce Backup Utility
EZSSunburst Technology Easy Sheet Document
EZTSunburst Technology Easy Sheet Template