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GApplause Data Chart
G3Group 3 Fax Document
G32GFA BASIC 32 Program File
G32PaperPort File
G3FZetafax TIFF File
G3NZetafax TIFF File
G4GTX RasterCAD Image
G8PicLab image
GALCorel Multimedia Manager Album
GALGallery of Pictures
GAMGamma-Fax Document
GAMKlik 'n Play Game Information
GAMGame File (various, including TADS 2.x and Baldur's Gate)
GATGator File
GAUMS Flight Simulator Gauge
GBNintendo GameBoy Emulator ROM Image File
GBCNintendo GameBoy Color Emulator ROM Image File
GBKInterbase Database Backup
GBLVisual Basic Global Definition
GBT          Photoshop File
GCSierra Print Artist File
GC1Golden Common Lisp Source Code
GC3Golden Common Lisp Source Code
GCAGOCA Graphics File
GCDGeneric CADD Drawing
GCFWinXComp Grouped Compressed File
GCIGTA2 Game File
GCPGround Control Point File
GDBInterBase Database
GDFIBM Graphics Data Format
GDMBells, Whistles, and Sound Boards Module
GDRSymbianOS Bitmap Font File
GDSImage File
GEDMicrografx Simply 3D Geometry
GEDArts & Letters Graphics File
GEDWicat image
GEDGEDCOM Family History File
GEMGEM Metafile
GEMVentura Publisher Vector Graphics
GENVentura-Generated Text File
GENdBase Application Generator Compiled Template
GENChromeleon Generic Driver Configuration
GEOVideoScope File
GFTeX font
GFABitmap Graphics File
GFBGifBlast image
GFCPatton & Patton Flowcharting 4 File
GFIGenigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
GFMComputer Graphics Meta-file
GFMAshton Tate Applause image
GFTNeo-Paint Font
GFXGenigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
GFXWarCraft II Image File
GHIConfiguration File for NCSA Mosaic
GHKEnsoniq Disk Image Sound
GHOSymantec Ghost Disk Image File
GIBGraph in The Box chart
GIDWindows Help Index File
GIDIntel VTune
GIFGraphic Interchange Format
GIMGenigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
GIWGraph in The Box presentation image
GIXGenigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
GJDGame Archive (7th Guest and 11th Hour)
GKHEnsoniq EPS Family Disk Image
GKSGravis GripKey Document
GLGRASP Animation
GLDGlide File
GLMGlim database
GLOGlossary (generic)
GLYMS Word Glossary
GMCGame Music Creator Sound
GMDGame Maker Game Creation Program (
GMFCGM Graphics Metafile
GMPGTA2 Game File
GMSCorel Global Macro File
GNAGenigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
GNT Micro Focus Generated Code
GNXGenigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
GOBGame File (Dark Forces and Indiana Jones 3D)
GOCGeoworks Goc Source Code
GOHGeoworks Header
GOOKai's Power Goo Morphing Program Image
GPGeoworks Glue
GP3CCITT Group 3 File (fax)
GP4CCITT Group 4 File (fax)
GPHLotus 1-2-3 Graph
GPLDeLorme Map-n-Go Street Atlas Map
GPPSerif GraphicsPlus Object
GR2Windows 3.0 Screen Driver
GR3Windows 3.0 Screen Grabber
GRAMicrosoft Graph Chart
GRASigmaPlot Data File
GRAFlight Simulator File
GRBMS-DOS Shell Monitor
GRDGradebook Power File
GRDMap Projection Grid File
GRFMicrografx Drawing vector Drawing
GRFMicrografx Charisma vector Drawing
GRFGraph Plus vector Drawing
GRFGrafix Idea File
GRFGolden Software Graph File
GROGame File (Serious Same and Warlords Battlecry)
GRPProgram Manager Group
GRPPixBase Picture Group Image
GRPArchive (Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior)
GRXGetRight File List
GRYPicture File
GS1Graph-Show Presentation
GSDProfessional Draw Image
GSMRaw GSM 6.10 Audio Stream
GSMUS Robotics Modem File
GSPGeometer's Sketchpad Material File
GSWGraphShow Worksheet
GT2Graoumftracker Music Module (new)
GTKGraoumftracker Music Module (old)
GWPGreetings WorkShop File
GWXGenigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
GWZGenigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
GX1Show Partner Graphics File
GX2Show Partner Graphics File
GXLGenus Graphics Library
GXTGTA2 Game File
GZGzip Compressed Archive