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QQuantum Archive
Q00Quicken 2000 File
Q01Quicken 2001 File
Q98Quicken 98 File
Q99Quicken 99 File
Q9QBladePro Graphic Plugin File
QADPF QuickArt Document
QAGNorton Desktop Quick Access Group
QAPOmnis Quartz Application File
QB1Quicken File
QBAQuickBooks File
QBBQuickBooks for Windows Backup File
QBDKeyboard Layout
QBEdBase IV Saved Query
QBEQuattro Pro Saved Query
QBEExample Query (Query By Example)
QBOdBase IV Ordered Query
QBSMS Quick Basic Program File
QBWQuickBooks for Windows File
QBWQuicken File
QCBMS Combat Flight Simulator Quick Combat Editor File
QCDQuarkCopyDesk SE
QCHQuicken for DOS ver 2 Data File
QCKQuick Charts File
QCPQualcomm PureVoice File
QD?Omnis Quartz Data File Segment (can be QD0 to QD9)
QDFQuicken Data file
QDIQuicken Data File
QDKQuarterdeck QEMM File
QDTQuickBooks UK Accountancy Data File
QDTQuicken Data File
QDTQuark Xpress Dictionary File
QEFQ+E Database Query
QEFExcel Query
QELQuicken Electronic Library File
QEPIRMA Wordstation for Windows
QFIQuickTime Image
QFLFamily Lawyer Document
QFNQuickTime Font File
QFOQFX 6.25 Image
QFXQuick Link Fax Image
QICMicrosoft Backup File
QIFQuickTime-related Image (MIME)
QIFQuicken Import File
QIXQuicken for DOS ver 2 Data File
QL$Microsoft Compressed QLB, Decompress with UNPACK.EXE
QLBMS C Quick Library
QLCPostScript Help File
QLPQuickLink Printer Driver
QMQuality Motion File
QM4QMail Mail Door Option or Services File
QMDQuicken for Windows ver 5,6 Data File
QMLQuick Markup Language
QMLQuicken for DOS ver 2 Data File
QMFLotus Approach Database Query
QMTQuicken Memory List
QNTChromeleon Quantification Method
QNXQuicken Data Index
QPBQuicken Payroll File
QPRFoxpro Relational Query
QPROS/2 Printer Queue Driver
QPWQuattro Pro Project File
QPXFoxpro Ordered Query
QQTQuick Qard Technology Qardware Definition File
QRPCentura Report Builder File
QRPLiberty for Windows Report File
QRSWordPerfect Equation Editor
QRTQRT Ray-Tracing Image
QRYMicrosoft Query
QRYdBase IV Query
QSCPxyl Visuals Chart
QSDQuicken Data File
QSFMicrografx QuickSilver
QSTQuake Spy Tab File
QTQuickTime Video
QTAqtar Archive
QTCApple QuickTime Support File
QTIQuickTime Image
QTMQuickTime Movie
QTPQuickTime Preferences
QTSQuickTime Image
QTWQuickTime movie
QTXQuicken Tax Planning Data
QTXQuickTime Image
QUETask Scheduler Queue Object
QUECuteFTP Queue File
QVMQuake File
QWSymantec Q&A Write program file
QW5Quicken 5 File
QW6Quicken 6 File
QWB          MS Money Quotes WriteBack Import File
QWKQWK Reader Message File
QXBQuark Xpress Books File
QXDQuark XPress File
QXLQuarkXpress Library
QXTQuarkXPress Document Template