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Page 1 (MA-MC)
Page 2 (MD-MM)
Page 3 (MN-MZ)

MMathematica File
MMatLab Function
MMacro Source
M??Ingres Modify Table/Index File (?? = Hex 00 to FF)
M11MASS11 Document
M15Apple MPEG-1 Video
M18Accolade Golf Course File
M1AApple MPEG-1/2 Audio
M2AApple MPEG-1/2 Audio
M2PMPEG-2 Program Stream Format File
M2SMPEG-2 Audio and Video
M2VMPEG 2 Movie
M3Modula 3 Program File
M3AMPEG Archive Enhanced .M3U Playlist File
M3DCorel Motion 3D Animation
M3D3D Animations Macro
M3DEverQuest File
M3SMyst III Exile Saved Game
M3UMP3 Playlist File
M4UNIX Preprocessor
M75Apple MPEG-1 Video
M8Heretic II MipMap
MADiablo II Map File
MA3Harvard Graphics Macro
MACMacPaint Image
MAC          Microsoft Access Database Shortcut
MACMacro (various)
MADMicrosoft Access Module Shortcut
MAFMicrosoft Access Form Shortcut
MAGMPS Magro Paint Image
MAGMS Access Diagram Shortcut
MAIMicrosoft Mail Message
MAKVisual Basic or MS Visual C++ Project
MAMMicrosoft Access Macro Shortcut
MANManual (various)
MANWindows 2000 Mandatory User Profile
MAPMap file (various)
MAPIngres Termcap Mapping File
MAPGame Level for Duke Nukem 3D, Doom
MAPInprise (Borland) Delphi Games Creator Map Library
MAPMicrografx Picture Publisher Format Data
MAQMS Access Query Shortcut
MARVAX Assembly Language Source Code
MARMicrosoft Access Report Shortcut
MASLotus Freelance Graphics Smartmaster File
MASFocus Master Data Definition
MASMS Access Stored Procedures
MATMicrosoft Access Table Shortcut
MATMatlab Variables Binary File
MATAutodesk 3D Studio Max and Viz File
MATSound File
MAVMS Access View Shortcut
MAWMS Access Data Access Page
MAXKinetix's 3D Studio MAX Scene
MAXVisioneer PaperPort File
MAXOrCAD Layout File
MAZHover Maze Data
MAZDivision dVS/dVISE File
MBParadox Database Memo Holder
MBInprise (Borland) Database
MBMapBasic Program File
MB1 Apogee Monster Bash Data File
MBFCorel Visual DTD Document Type Definition for SGML
MBFMS Money Backup File
MBGMicrosoft Mail Mailbag
MBKdBase IV Database Index Backup
MBKAtari ST, One STOS Memory Bank
MBMSymbianOS Multi BitMap Image
MBOMapBasic Program Object Module
MBPMapBasic Project File
MBSMicrografx Picture Publisher Brush Shape
MBSAtari ST STOS Memory Banks
MBXOutlook Express Mailbox Document
MBXdBase Index
MBXMapBasic Executable Application File
MCLocalized Message Table Resource (Windows)
MCCMicrosoft Network Shortcut
MCCDialer10 Calling Card
MCCMathCad Configuration
MCCMonu-Cad Pro CAD File
MCDMathcad Document
MCDMonu-Cad Pro CAD File
MCFMathCad Font
MCHMacromedia Xtra Cache File
MCIMedia Control Interface Command Set
MCLMultimedia Manager Collection File
MCLMacro Command Language
MCPMathcad Printer Driver
MCQMcAfee Quarantined File
MCRDataCAD Keyboard Macro File
MCSMathCAD Format File
MCWMicrosoft Word for Macintosh Document
MCXGraphic File

Page 1 (MA-MC)
Page 2 (MD-MM)
Page 3 (MN-MZ)