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RMacintosh Resource Compiler
RFortran Preprocessor Source Code
RSourcer Disassembler
RPegasus Mail Resource File
R??RAR Compressed File (?? can be 01 to 99)
R33Train Simulator Game File
R8Flight Simulator Texture File
R8LLaserJet Landscape Font
R8P          LaserJet Portrait Font
RARealMedia File
RADReality AdLib Tracker
RAMRealMedia Metafile
RARRAR Compressed Archive
RASSun Raster Graphic
RATRating System File
RAWRealAudio Sound
RAWRAW RGB 24-bit Graphic
RAWRaw signed PCM Data
RAXImage File
RBRocketEdition File
RB1R:Base Database (RB1...RB4)
RBFR:Base Data File
RBHRoboHelp Project Configuration
RCMicrosoft Windows Resource Compiler
RCBorland C++ Resource Compiler Script File
RC2Microsoft Windows Resource Compiler
RCDPC Anywhere Recorded Session File
RCGNetscape Newsgroup File
RCTMicrosoft Windows Resource Template
RCVMicrosoft Windows Resource Compiler
RD1Descent1 Registered Level File
RD3Ray Dream Designer Graphics
RD3CorelDream 3D
RD4Ray Dream Designer Graphics
RD5Ray Dream Designer Graphics
RDBTrueVector Rules Database
RDBZoneAlarm Rules Database
RDFResource Description Framework File
RDFChromeleon Report Definition
RDIBitmap Picture
RDLSymbian Recogniser Library
RDLDescent Registered Level
RDORaster Document Object. Proprietary file type used on Xerox Digipath Scan and Makeready workstations
RDXBorland Reflex Database
RECWindows Recorder Macro
RECRapidComm Voice File
RECSprint Record File
REDClarion Modula-2
REFReference (various)
REGRegistration Data (various)
REPText Document
REPReport File (various)
REPBlizzard Entertainment Replay File
RESResource File (various)
RESValesco import/export text Resource file
REVFrameMaker Document
REVWinRAR Recovery Volume File
REXOS/2 Rexx Source Code
REXOracle Report Definition
REZResources (various)
REZGame Archive (various)
RFFrameMaker Document
RFRealFlash Clip
RFSun Raster Graphic
RFDRecogniFORM Form Definition
RFGRFG Integrator System Database
RFHRFG Integrator Householding Database
RFTRevisable Format Text
RGBPicture File
RGNChampionship Manager Game File
RGSScript for Windows Registry
RHMicrosoft Windows Resource Compiler Header
RILotus File
RIAAlpharel Group IV Raster Graphics File
RIB3D Reality Image
RICRicoh Fax Document
RIFRIFF Resource Interchange File Format
RIFMetaCreation's Painter Image
RIPRemote Imaging Protocol Image
RIXRIX Paint Programs Image
RIXColorix File
RL1Descent1 Registered Level
RL2Descent2 Registered Level
RL4Bitmap Picture
RL8Bitmap Picture
RLAWavefront Raster Image
RLAAdvanced Visualizer File
RLBHarvard Graphics File
RLCImage Systems CAD Overlay
RLERun-Length Encoded Bitmap
RLZComputer Associates Realizer Source Code

Page 1 (RA-RL)
Page 2 (RM-RZ)