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HC Program Header
H!Flambeaux Tutorial Database
H++C++ Header
H--Sphinx C-- Header File
H__C++ Header
H3MGame Map File (various)
HACompressed Archive
HAMImage File
HBFHanzi Bitmap Font 1.1 font
HBKMathcad Handbook
HCTSymantec Anti-Virus Live Update File
HCXHarvard Chart XL chart
HDBNero File
HDFHierarchical Data Format for NCSA
HDFHelp Development Kit Help File
HDLProcomm Plus Alternate Download File Listing
HDREgret Database
HDRProcomm Plus Message Header
HDRPC-File+ Database Header
HDRAdobe Photoshop File
HDW          Harvard Draw for Windows Image
HDXHelp Index
HEDHighEdit Document
HELMicrosoft Hellbender Saved Game
HEXMacintosh BinHex 2.0 File
HEXHex Dump
HFIHP Font Info
HFXHotFax File
HFXUS Robotics Rapid Comm Voice Data File
HGHStar Wars:Tie Fighter High Score
HGLHP Graphics Language
HHC++ Header
HHHelp Topic Map File
HHCMicrosoft HTML Help Contents
HHCTurboTax Contents File
HHHPower C Precompiled Header
HHKMicrosoft HTML Help Index
HHPProComm Plus Host Mode Help
HHPHTML Help Project
HITThe Sims (Maxis) Sound File
HL$Microsoft Compressed HLP (DOS help file), Decompress With UNPACK.EXE
HLPWindows Help File
HLXHelix, Nuts&Bolts Utility
HLXVisual C++ Syntax Coloring Instructions
HLXATI Radeon Video Driver Support File
HMWindows Help Context IDs Used by MAKEHM.EXE
HM~Help&Manual Backup Help File Project
HM2Help&Manual Help File Project
HMIDescent Human Machine Interfaces MIDI File
HMMProcomm Plus Alternate Mail Read Option Menu
HMPDescent Human Machine Interfaces MIDI File
HOFHall Of Fame (various)
HOGLucas Arts Dark Forces WAD File
HOGDescent Mission File
HOTMosaic Internet Address
HOTThe Sims (Maxis) Sound File
HPHewlett-Packard Graphics Language Image
HPC++ Header
HP8NewWave Write Text
HPFPageMaker HP LaserJet Fonts
HPGHewlett-Packard Graphics Language Image
HPIGEM Font Information
HPIHemera Photo-Object Image
HPJHelp Project File
HPKCompressed Archive
HPLHP Graphics File
HPMHewlett-Packard NewWave Text
HPMProcomm Plus Alternative Menu
HPPC++ Program Header
HPRRoboHELP Configuration File
HPSHewlett-Packard PrintSmart Document Collection Settings Used With HTML Documents
HPWCompuServe Home Page Wizard (16-bit)
HQXMacintosh BinHex 4.0 File
HPYHewlett-Packard Web PrintSmart Style Sheet
HRFHitachi Image
HRLHerolab EasyWin32
HRMProcomm Plus Alternate Main Menu
HRTHornet Packer Sound
HRXHerolab EasyWin32
HRZImage File
HS2Postering Monochrome Picture
HSIImage Alchemy Image
HSMAssembly Language Header
HSMThe Sims (Maxis) Sound File
HSQData File Associated with Qaz Trojan
HSSPhotoshop Hue/Saturation Information
HSTHistory File (various)
HSTHost File
HTCHelp File Contents for Microsoft Windows CE
HTCHTML Component
HTFHyper-G Text Format Document
HTFWebBase File
HTIWebBase File
HTMHypertext Markup Language
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
HTPHelp Topic File for Microsoft Windows CE
HTRHTML-like Script
HTTMicrosoft Hypertext Template
HTXExtended HTML Template
HTXInternet Database Connector File
HWDHollywood Presentation
HXMDescent2 HAM File
HXMProcomm Plus Alternate Protocol Selection Menu
HXXC++ Header
HY1Ventura Publisher Hyphenation Algorythm
HY2Ventura Publisher Hyphenation Algorythm
HYCWordPerfect Hyphenation File
HYDWordPerfect Hyphenation Dictionary
HYPCompressed Archive
HYPAdobe Illustrator Hyphenation Dictionary
HYPHypertext File
HYZCorel WordPerfect Hyphenation
HZASCII and Chinese Text