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LLEX Source Code
LLink Instructions
LLISP Source Code
LALive Audio Sound
LALightscape Animation
LABQ+E Mailing Label
LAMLive Audio Streaming Audio Sound
LANMicrosoft Mouse II Configuration
LATCrossword Express Lattice File
LAYApplause Word Chart Layout
LAYLightscape Layer State
LBGdBase Mailing Label
LBIDreamweaver Library File
LBLLabels (various)
LBM          Deluxe Paint Bitmap Graphic
LBOdBase IV Ordered Labels
LBRCompressed Archive File
LBRLotus 1-2-3 Display Driver
LBROmnis7 Application File
LBSOmnis Studio Application File
LBTMicrosoft FoxPro Label Memo
LBXMicrosoft FoxPro Label
LCFLinker Control File
LCHPagePath Technologies LAUNCH! File
LCKAdobe Pagemaker Database File
LCNWordPerfect Dictionary
LCSACT! Database
LCWLucid 3D Spreadsheet
LDTelix Long Distance Codes
LD1dBase Overlay File
LDBMicrosoft Access Lock File
LDBTrueVector Log Database
LDFLuraDocument File
LDFMS SQL Server Transaction Log File
LDLCorel Paradox Delivered Library
LEGLegacy Graphic Format
LESLogitech Entertainment System Game Profiles
LESLearn Lesson File
LEVMap (Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party)
LEXSpelling Checker Dictionary (various)
LEXLexmark Printer Install File
LFDLucas Arts Data
LFT3D Studio (DOS) Loft File
LFTChiwriter Laser Printer Font
LGOOTP Developments saved games
LGCProgram Use Log File (for Windows Program Use Optimisation)
LGCCorel Layout Designer Logic File for SGML
LGOMicrosoft Windows Logo Driver (Bitmap Picture)
LGOSuper-Fax header or Footer Image
LGPLogotron SuperLogo File
LGTUrban Chaos Game File
LGTThe Sims (Maxis) Lighting File
LHACompressed Archive File (LZH)
LHSLiterate Haskell Source File
LHWCompressed Amiga Archive File
LHZLHA Compressed Archive File
LI$Microsoft Compressed LIB, Decompress With UNPACK.EXE
LIBLibrary (various)
LICLicense (various)
LIFHewlett-Packard Logical Interchange Format
LIFCompressed Archive File
LINAutoCAD Line Art
LIQLiquid Tracker Sound
LISStructured Query Reporting (SQR) Output
LISProgram Listing
LITMS Reader EBook File
LIXLogos Book File
LJText File for HP LJ II Printer
LKSWinAmp Links File
LKOMS Outlook Express Linked Object
LL3LapLink III Document File
LLCLapLink Saved Connection File
LLXLaplink Exchange Agent
LM8Picture File
LMANetscape Packetised Audio Sound
LMDTune Smithy List of Modes for a Musical Scale
LND3D Landscape Data
LNGAdobe Acrobat Language Plug-in
LNKWindows Shortcut File
LNKLinker File
LNMCorel WordPerfect SGML Alias File
LOGLog File (various)
LOKFileWrangler/ZipWrangler/SecurDesk! Encrypted Archive
LPLP88 Linear Programming for the IBM-PC File
LPLightscape Preparation File
LPBLP88 Linear Programming for the IBM-PC File
LPDHelix Nuts and Bolts File
LRCIntel Video Phone File
LRFMicrosoft C++ Link Response File
LRGMacromedia XRes Multi-Resolution Image
LRMMicrosoft Encarta Class Server Learning Resource
LRSWordPerfect Language Resource File
LSLightscape Solution File
LSCTune Smithy List of Muscial Scales
LSENokia Audio Manager
LSFStreaming Audio/Video File
LSFLogos Book File
LSICorel Layout Specification Instance, part of SGML
LSLCorel Paradox Saved Library
LSLLotus Script Library
LSOCompiled LotusScript
LSPLISP Program File
LSSLotusScript Macro Programming Language
LSTList File (various)
LSTMicrosoft PowerPoint File
LST1st Reader Keyboard Macro
LSTIngres Dump List File
LSTOracle Spool File
LSXStreaming Audio/Video Shortcut
LTFFrogans Short-cut
LTHSierra Print Artist Letterhead
LTMLotus Form
LUThoughtWing Library Unit File
LVLParallax Software's Miner Descent/D2 Level Extension
LWBLight Wave 3D Object Image
LWDLotusWorks Document
LWFLuraWave-compressed Graphic File
LWPLotus Wordpro 96/97 File
LWVMS Linguistically Enhanced Sound File
LXOLaserMaster Font
LYRDataCAD Layer File
LYTTurboTax Log File
LZALZA Animation image
LZHLH ARC Compressed Archive
LZSSkyroads Data File
LZSCompressed Archive File
LZWAmiga LHWARP Archive
LZXCompressed File