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XMicrosoft Direct-X SDK
XLEX Source Code
XAVS Image
X01Paradox Secondary Index (can be 01 to 09)
X10X-windows Dump Image
X16Macromedia Program Extension (16 bit)
X32Macromedia Program Extension (32-bit)
X3DXara 3D Project File
X5Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
XAExtended Architecture File
XAThe Sims (Maxis) Extensive Audio
XAFile on PSX Disc
XABMicrosoft Mail Address Book
XABXenis Mail Address Book
XARCorel Xara Drawing
XBMX Bitmap Graphic
XCFThe GIMP's native image format
XEFX-Genics eManager - XML form and data for eManager (More Info)
XEMMetered units / credit definition for forms/file usage in eManager (More Info)
XEPFile packaging / unpacking information for eManager components (More Info)
XESXGenics emanager XML definition for UI skins (More Info)
XETXgenics eManager XML definition for eManager process (More Info)
XEZX-Genics eManager - Template package for eManager (More Info)
XFNVentura Printer Font
XFRSymantec Norton Anti-Virus Corporate Version Failed Update
XFTChiwriter 24 Pin Printer Font
XFXJetFax Document
XG?Paradox Secondary Index, (can be XG0 to XG9)
XGRMS Graph Edit XML Graph
XIScreamTracker Instrument File
XIFast Tracker 2 Instrument
XIFeXtended Image File Format
XIFXerox Image File
XLMicrosoft Excel for Apple Macintosh Spreadsheet
XLAMicrosoft Excel Add-in
XLBMicrosoft Excel Toolbar
XLCMicrosoft Excel Chart
XLDMicrosoft Excel Dialogue
XLGXnetech Engraving Logo File
XLKMicrosoft Excel Backup
XLLMicrosoft Excel add-in File
XLMMicrosoft Excel Macro
XLRMS Works File
XLSMicrosoft Excel Worksheet
XLTMicrosoft Excel Template
XLTLotus Translation Table
XLTProcomm Plus Translation Table
XLVMicrosoft Excel VBA Module
XLWMicrosoft Excel Workspace
XMFast Tracker 2 Extended Module
XMSound File
XMBX-Wing Mission Briefing File
XMIWinamp Extended Midi File
XMLExtensible Markup Language
XMXCharacter Set File
XMXAutoCAD External Message Compiled File
XNKMicrosoft Exchange Shortcut File
XOTXnetech Job Output File
XPIMozilla Browser Archive
XPMX Picsmap Graphic
XQTSuperCalc Spreadsheet Macro
XR1Epic MegaGames Xargon Data File
XRFCross Reference
XSHummingbird Exceed File
XSDXML Schema File
XSLXML Stylesheet
XTBLocoScript External Translation Table
XTGQuark Xpress Tags File
XTPXTree Data File
XVKhoros VIFF Image
XWCCrosstalk for Windows Compiled Script
XWDX Window Dump
XWDCrossdown Puzzle File
XWFYamaha XG Works File
XWIX-Wing Mission File
XWPCrosstalk for Windows Phone Book
XWP           Xerox Writer Document
XWSCrosstalk for Windows Script
XXEXxencoded File
XXT Extension DLL
XYXYWrite Document
XY3XYWrite III Document
XY4XYWrite IV Document
XYPXYWrite III Plus Document
XYW XYWrite for Windows 4.0 Document