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Page 1 (SA-SC)
Page 2 (SD-SM)
Page 3 (SN-SZ)

SAssembler Source Code
S$$Temporary Sort File
S01WordPerfect Distribution File
S02WordPerfect Distribution File
S03WordPerfect Distribution File
S19Motorola EEPROM Programming
S2PSonnet File
S31Scream Tracker v3 Instrument
S3DMicrografx Simply 3D Project
S3DEverQuest File
S3IScreamTracker v3 Instrument
S3MScreamTracker v3 Module
S3MScreamTracker v3 Sound File
SA6Street Atlas 6.0
SA8Street Atlas File
SACAdobe Shared Asset Catalog
SADServeron Analyzer Data File
SADElectronic Arts Black & White Game Sound File
SAFMusicMatch Jukebox Secure Audio File
SAHSETI@Home Data File
SALSQL Application Language
SALSoriTec Database
SAM          Ami Pro Text File
SAMSigned 8-bit Sample Data
SAMMicrosoft Office 97 File Converter
SAMMap File
SANThe Curse of Monkey Island Movie File
SASUsed by SAS version 6.03
SATACIS Solid Model (any ACIS-based CAD program)
SAVSaved File (various)
SBRaw Signed Byte (8-bit) Data
SBAudio File
SBICreative Labs SoundBlaster Instrument
SBJMicrografx Clipart or Palette Index
SBKAsymetrics ToolBook System Book
SBKEmu SoundFont v1.x Bank Files
SBKCreative Labs Soundfont 1.0 Bank File
SBLShockwave Flash Object
SBPSuper-Base 4 Database Program
SBPIBM Storyboard Image
SBRSource Browser for BSCMAKE
SBTSuperBase 4 Database Text
SBXAdobe Illustrator Tsume
SCParadox Source Code
SCFramework Screen Driver
SCIngres Embedded SQL/C Source File
SC2Microsoft Schedule+ 7 File Format
SC2SimCity 2000 City
SC2SAS Catalogue
SC2II PC Instrument
SC3Harvard Screen Driver
SC3SimCity 3000 File
SC3dBase Screen Mask File
SC4RollerCoaster Tycoon Scenario
SCBCorel WordPerfect 8 Scrapbook Image
SCCMicrosoft Source Safe File
SCCStamp Collector's Girl Friday Catalog File
SCDMicrosoft Schedule+ 7
SCDGraphic (SCODL Scan Conversion Object Description Language)
SCDTurboTax Schedule File
SCESoftCuisine Data Exchange File
SCFWindows Explorer Command File
SCFScore Maker Presentation
SCHMicrosoft Schedule+ File
SCHORCAD Vector Drawing Schematic
SCHEAGLE Schematic File
SCISci-Fax Document
SCIColoRIX Image
SCIScanVec Inspire File
SCISystem Configuration Data
SCMLotus ScreenCam Movie
SCMSchematicMaker (Topanga Software) File
SCMICQ Sound Compressed Sound Scheme
SCMStarcraft Map File
SCNVisual Basic
SCNTrueSpace2 Scene
SCNCompressed Screen Format
SCNScenario File For Many Games
SCOHigh Score (various)
SCPScript (various)
SCPColorRIX Image
SCRWindows Screensaver
SCRFaxview Fax
SCRProcomm Plus Screen Snapshot File
SCRScript (various)
SCRLocoScript Screen Font File
SCSLotus ScreenCam Script
SCTScitex Continuous Tone Bitmap
SCTMicrosoft FoxPro Forms
SCTWindows Script Component
SCTPC Tools Script Tools
SCTSAS Catalog
SCTLotus Screen Capture Text
SCUColorRIX Image
SCVScanVec CASmate File
SCXMS FoxPro Screen File
SCXColorRIX Image
SCXStarcraft Map File
SCXMicrosoft Class Browser Form
SCXStanford Chart

Page 1 (SA-SC)
Page 2 (SD-SM)
Page 3 (SN-SZ)