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Page 1 (CA-CD)
Page 2 (CE-CL)
Page 3 (CM-CP)
Page 4 (CQ-CZ)

CC Program File
CCheck Point Site Configuration for Secure Remote
CDesktop Color Separation Specification Cyan Layer
C??Winace Compressed File
C++C++ Source Code
C--Sphinx C-- Source code
C__C++ Source Code
C00Ventura Print File
C01Typhoon Wave File
C2DWinOnCd CD Image
C86C86 C Program
CATelnet Server Initial Cache Data File
CA7Beta 44 Job File
CABCabinet File (Microsoft installation archive)
CABInstall Shield v5.x or 6.x Compressed File
CACMicrosoft Infoview
CACdBase IV Executable File
CADSoftdesk Drafix CAD File
CAGMS Clip Gallery Catalog File
CALMicrosoft Schedule Plus 1.0
CALCALS Compressed Bitmap
CALCalendar File
CALSuperCalc Worksheet
CAMCasio Camera Graphic
CANNavigator Fax
CAPVentura Publisher Caption
CAPTelix Session Capture
CAPCompressed Music File
CAPNetwork Associates Sniffer Capture File
CARAtHome Assistant File
CASComma Separated Text File
CASNetica Comma Separated Value Text File of Cases (
CASBorland combined C/Assembly source code
CASCasio Program
CATdBase IV Catalog
CATQuicken IntelliCharge Categorization File
CAZComputer Associates Archive
CBMS Clean Boot File
CBCCubiCalc Fuzzy Logic System File
CBIIBM Mainframe Column Binary Formatted File
CBMXLib Compiled Bitmap
CBTComputer Based Training
CCC++ Program File
CCVisual dBASE Custom Class File
CC5Calendar Creator 5.x 6.x File
CCAClick 'n Create data
CCACC:Mail File
CCBVisual Basic Animated Button Configuration
CCCCurtain Call Native Bitmap Graphic
CCDCloneCd Related File
CCDVector CAD Program File
CCECalendar Creator Plus Data File
CCFSymphony Communications Configuration File
CCFOS/2 Multimedia Viewer Configuration File
CCHCorel Chart
CCLIntalk Communication Command Language
CCMLotus CC:Mail Mailbox
CCOCyberChat data file
CCRChat Room Shortcut
CCTMacromedia Director Shockwave Cast
CCXCorel Compressed Exchange File
CDACD Audio Track
CDBTurbo C Database
CDB CardScan Database
CDBClipboard File
CDBPowerDesigner Conceptual Model Backup File
CDBSymbianOS Contact Database File
CDCNero File
CDDClaris Draw v 1.2 Document
CDFMS Channel Definition Format
CDFComma Delimited Format
CDFCyberspace Description Format
CDFInstallShield Components Definition File
CDIPhillips Compact Disk Interactive Format
CDKAtari Calamus Document
CDMPowerDesigner Conceptual Model File
CDMVisual dBASE Custom Data Module
CDRCorel Vector Graphic
CDRRaw Audio-CD Data
CDTCorel Draw Template
CDX          Corel Draw Compressed Drawing
CDXMS Visual Foxpro Index
CDXCompound Index
CDXActive Server Document

Page 1 (CA-CD)
Page 2 (CE-CL)
Page 3 (CM-CP)
Page 4 (CQ-CZ)