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TTape Archive
T??Ingres Table/Index File (?? = Hex 00 to FF)
T2TrueType Font
T2TSonata CAD Modelling File
T44dBase Temporary Database
T65Adobe PageMaker Template
TABLotus 1-2-3 Table
TABMicrosoft Map Table
TABTab-delimited Text Data
TABGuitar Tablature File
TABMapInfo Table
TAGPM tagged Text
TAGDataflex Query Tag Name
TAHTurbo Assembler Help File
TALAdobe TypeAlign Text Illustration File
TALTyped Assembly Language File
TAPAction Wave Sound
TARTape Archive
TAXTurbotax File
TAZUnix Gzip/Tape Archive
TB1Turbo C Font
TB2Turbo C Font
TBFImavox TurboFax Document
TBFVisual FoxPro Offline View
TBKAsymetrix Toolbook Interactive Multimedia Files
TBKFoxPro Memo Backup
TBLTable Editor 2.x
TBLAdobe Pagemaker Import Mapping Table
TBSIntel VTune Performance Monitor
TBXProject Scheduler
TCAgfa Tone Curve, Scanner Configuration
TCBorland Configurations File
TCFTheme Park World Game File
TCHBorland Help File
TCLScript in the TCL/TK Language
TCTChampionship Manager Tactic File
TCTTurboCAD Template
TCWTurboCAD Drawing
TCXTurboCAD Drawing as Text
TDTurbo Debugger Configurations File
TD2Turbo Debugger Configuration File
TD4RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design
TD4ThumbsPlus Version 4.x+ Graphics Database
TDAPalm Date Book File
TDBThumbs Plus Database
TDFMicrosoft Setup Program Data
TDFTypeface Definition File (for fonts)
TDFTrace Definition File
TDHTurbo Debugger Help File
TDKTurbo Debugger Keyboard Record
TDOCompressed File
TDPSerif DrawPlus Thumbnail
TDSInprise (Borland) Turbo Debugger Symbols
TDTASCII Data File in CSV Format (various)
TDWTurbo Debugger Configuration File
TEDTribes 2 Game File
TEFRelisys TeFax Document
TELTelnet Host File
TEMIcon Author Template
TEMTurbo Editor Macro Language
TERCorel Flow Line Terminator (arrow picture)
TEXTEX Equation
TEXTexture File (various)
TEXText File
TFTurbo Profiler Configuration File
TFATurbo Profiler Area File
TFHTurbo Profiler Help File
TFMTagged Font Metric
TFSTurbo Profiler Statistic
TG1On-Target Project
TG4CCITT Group 4 Fax
TGATruevision Targa Graphic
TGHTrueGas Host File
TGZUnix Gzip/Tape Archive
THBHijack Thumbnail
THEMicrosoft Plus Pack Desktop Theme
THMMicrographx Picture Publisher Thumbnail
THMMS Clipart Gallery Database
THMSerif DrawPlus Theme
THNGraphics Workshop for Windows Thumbnail
THPTurboTax-related File
THSWordPerfect Thesaurus
TITexas Instruments Calculator
TIFTag Image File Format (TIFF) Image
TIGTiger Government Map File
TIMTIFF Image (rev 6)
TIPTip of the day for Microsoft and MFC (C++ class Library) Applications.
TKJudy's Ten Key Calculator Tape Data
TLBOLE Type Library
TLBVAX Text Library Document
TLBRemote Automation Truelib Files
TLBVisual C++ Type Library
TLDTrellix File
TLENASA Two-Line Element Set
TLHTwo-Line Element Set (NASA)
TLH          Used by Microsoft MSHTML
TLIUsed by Microsoft MSHTML
TLPMS Project Timeline File
TLTTrellix Web Design File
TLXTrellix Data File

Page 1 (TA-TL)
Page 2 (TM-TZ)