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FCompressed Archive File (UNIX)
F01Perfect-Fax Document
F06DOS 6 Pixel Screen Font
F07DOS 7 Pixel Screen Font
F08DOS 8 Pixel Screen Font
F09DOS 9 Pixel Screen Font
F10DOS 10 Pixel Screen Font
F11DOS 11 Pixel Screen Font
F12DOS 12 Pixel Screen Font
F13DOS 13 Pixel Screen Font
F14DOS 14 Pixel Screen Font
F15DOS 15 Pixel Screen Font
F16DOS 16 Pixel Screen Font
F2RFarandoyle Linear Module Format
F32Raw 32-bit IEEE Floating Point Values
F3RFarandoyle Blocked Linear Module Format
F64Raw 64-bit IEEE Floating Point Values
F77FORTRAN 77 Program
F90FORTRAN Program
F96Frecom FAX-96 Document
FACFace Graphics Image
FAEMicrosoft Office 97 File Converter
FAM          The Sims Family File
FAQFrequently Asked Questions (various)
FARFarandole Composer Music Module File
FARThe Sims (Maxis) Archive File
FAS3D Fassade Plus Basic Module
FAVMS Outlook Bar Shortcuts
FAXFax File (various)
FBCFamilyTree Compressed Backup File
FBKNavison Financials Backup
FBKFamilyTree Backup File
FBMFuzzy Bitmap
FBSFile Burner Skin
FCHarvard Dictionary
FCDFastCAD/EasyCAD Output
FCDPatton & Patton Flow Charting 3 File
FCFHP-95 Filer Configuration
FCTFoxPro Catalog Memo File
FDDataflex Field Compiler Offsets
FD FORTRAN Declarations
FDBNavison Financials Database
FDBArt Explosion Portfolio Catalog File
FDFAdobe Acrobat Forms Document
FDRSideKick 2 Note file
FDWF3 Design and Mapping form
FDXForce Index
FEBWordPerfect Figure Editor Button Bar
FEMCADRE Finite Element Mesh File
FES3D Topicscape fileless occurrence after export to Windows (More Info)
FEXFocus File
FFAGFA CompuGraphics Outline Font Description
FFAMicrosoft Office Fast Find
FFFDef-Fax Document
FFFGUS PnP Bank File Format
FFLMicrosoft Office Fast Find
FFLPrintMaster Gold Image File
FFLAlien vs Predator Archive
FFOMicrosoft Office Fast Find
FFTDisplayWrite document
FFTDCA/FFT Final Form Text
FFTMS Fast Find File
FFXMicrosoft Office Fast Find Index
FGAFolder Guard Attributes
FGDFolder Guard Data
FGPFolder Guard Passwords File
FH3Freehand 3 Drawing
FH4FreeHand 4 Drawing
FH5FreeHand 5 Drawing
FH6FreeHand 6 Drawing
FH7FreeHand 7 Drawing
FH8FreeHand 8 Drawing
FH9FreeHand 9 Drawing
FIFORTRAN Interface File
FIBitstream Intellifont
FIFlash Image
FIFFractal Image File
FIFFont Information File
FILdBase Files List Object
FILWordPerfect Overlay
FILFile List (various)
FINWordPerfect Print Format Text
FIOULead AIK uFile plug-in DLL
FITFlexible Image Transport Graphic
FITMS Windows NT File Index Table
FIXGeneric Patch File
FKYFoxPro Database Macro
FLAMacromedia Flash Movie
FLBPapyrus Format Library
FLCAutoDesk FLIC Animation
FLCCorel Show
FLDCharisma Graphics
FLDHijaak Thumbnail Pictures Image
FLFCorel Paradox Form
FLFNavison Financials License File
FLFOS/2 Driver File
FLHFLIC Animation
FLIAutoDesk FLIC Animation
FLIFont Library
FLLFoxPro Runtime Library
FLLMicrografx Designer 7 Image Fill Pattern
FLLThe Sims Floor File
FLMAtari ST image
FLORF-Flow 4 Flow Chart
FLOMicroGrafx FlowCharter File
FLPCorel Flow
FLRLive3D File
FLRThe Sims (Maxis) Floor Texture File
FLMFoxPro Database Library
FLPCorel Flow Project flow chart
FLTFilter (various)
FLTStarTrekker Music Module
FLTMulitGen Open Flight
FLXImage File
FLXDataflex Ordered Binder
FLXDataFlex Compiled Binary File

Page 1 (FA-FL)
Page 2 (FM-FZ)