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Page 2 (SD-SM)
Page 3 (SN-SZ)

SDSound Designer I Audio
SD2Sound Designer 2 Flattened File / Data Fork
SD2SAS Database
SDAStarOffice Drawing
SDAPGP Encrypted Executable
SDASoftCuisine Data Archive
SDBSideKick 2 Database
SDCStarOffice Spreadsheet
SDDStarOffice Presentation
SDEDrumbeat (Internet application) Exported Data
SDFSystem Data File Format - Legacy Unisys (Sperry) Format
SDFAutodesk MapGuide Spatial Data Files
SDGStar Office Gallery
SDIQuickBooks Data
SDKRoland S-series Floppy Disk Image
SDKAutosketch Drawing
SDLSmartDraw Library
SDLInprise (Borland) Delphi Sound Library
SDNShell Archive
SDPIBM Storyboard PIC Image
SDPQuickTime Session Description Protocol File
SDPReal Player File
SDRSmartDraw Drawing
SDSRaw Midi Sample Dump Standard File
SDSStarOffice Chart
SDTQuickBooks Data
SDTSmartDraw Template
SDTArchive (various games)
SDVSemicolon Divided Values File
SDWLotus WordPro Graphic File
SDWRaw Signed DWord (32bit) Data
SDWSourceSafe Files in Shadow Directory
SDWStarOffice Text
SDXMidi Sample Dump Standard Files Compacted by SDX
SEAStuff-it Self-expanding Archive
SECPGP Secret Key Ring
SECCompressed Archive File
SEGCompressed File Segment
SELPaintShop Pro Selection File
SEPTIFF Bitmap Separation
SEQAnimation File
SEQChromeleon Sequence List
SEQGuillomet Maxi Home Studio II
SESCood Edit Session File
SETBackup File Set for Microsoft Backup
SETDriver Set (various)
SETImage Settings (various)
SETConfiguration (various)
SEXUrban Chaos Game File
SFIRCAM SoundFile Format
SFOS/2 WPS Attribute Storage
SF2Emu SoundFont v2.0 File
SF2Creative Labs Soundfont 2.0 Bank File
SFDSoundStage Sound File Data
SFESplit Files Shell Extension
SFISIS Frame Grabber
SFIVentura Publisher Printer Font
SFISoundStage Sound File Info
SFLVentura Printer Font
SFLLaserJet Landscape Font
SFNFont (various)
SFPLaserJet Portrait Font
SFPVentura Printer Font
SFRSonic Foundry Sample Resource
SFSPCL 5 Scalable Font
SFSStarOffice Frame
SFTStarOffice Frame
SFTChiwriter Screen Font
SFWSeattle Film Works (Mangled JPEG)
SFXSound Effects for Games
SFXRAR Self-extracting Archive
SG1Stanford Graphics
SGFStar Writer Document
SGFSmart Game Format
SGIIRIS, Silicon Graphics Image
SGLStarOffice Master Document
SGM          SGML Structured Generalized Markup Language
SGNSierra Print Artist Sign
SGOIRIS Inventor Nodes
SGPStat Graphics Plus
SGTDirectMusic Producer
SHUNIX Shell Script
SH3Harvard Graphics for DOS 3.0 Presentation
SHBDocument Shortcut File
SHBCorel Background File
SHBShell Scrap object
SHDPrint Spooler Shadow File
SHGHotspot Editor Hypergraphic
SHHAutomated Setup Template
SHKShrink-it for Apple Macintosh Archive
SHMWordPerfect Shell Macro
SHP3D Studio Shapes File
SHRArchive File
SHSShell Scrap Object File
SHTStructured HTML
SHTMLHTML file that supports Server Side Includes(SSI)
SHWCorel Show Presentation
SHWHarvard Graphics DOS 2.x Show
SHWWordPerfect Slide Show
SHXAutoCAD Shape
SISoftImage Image File
SIBSibelius Music File
SIDMr SID Compressed Raster Image
SIFWindows NT Setup File
SIFAutodesk Spatial Index File
SIGSignature File (various)
SIGPrint Shop Sign File
SIKBackup File
SIMIntel VTune performance monitor
SIMSimulation (various)
SIMPowerDVD File
SISSymbianOS Installer File
SITStuffit Macintosh Compressed Archive File
SIZOracle 7 Configuration
SJFSplit Files Shell Extension
SKAPGP Secret Keyring
SKBQuickPOS (Point-Of-Sale) Standard Keyboard Layout File
SKCSKCARD SideKick for Windows
SKLMacromedia Director Resource File
SKNFileWrangler/SecurDesk!/ImageForge Graphic Skin
SKNeRocket eBook Skin
SKNThe Sims (Maxis) 3D Body Mesh Skin Data
SKRMicrosoft ScriptIt
SKWSKWRITE SideKick Write or Calendar
SKYActiveSky Movie Clips for Palm OS
SLPACT's Save Layout
SLS-Lang Program File
SLBAutoDesk Slide Library File Format
SLCTelix Compiler SALT Script
SLDAutoDesk Slide File Format
SLGChromeleon Audit Trail
SLIMAGICorp Slide Image
SLKSymbolic Link (SYLK) Spreadsheet
SLMMicrosoft Visual FoxPro
SLTTelix SALT Script Application
SMSamna Word Text File
SMSoft Spoken Mailer
SM3DataCAD Symbol File
SMCLotus Freelance Graphics Smart Master Content
SMDStarOffice Mail
SMDSEGA mega drive ROM file
SMFSmart-Fax Document
SMFStarOffice Formula
SMILotus Smart Suite Smart-icon
SMIRealPlay SMIL File
SMKSmacker Compressed File
SMLSimple Markup Language
SMMWordPro/AmiPro Macro
SMPSamplevision Format
SMPAd Lib Gold Sample
SMPPhotoImpact Gallery File
SMSMS Package Definition File
SMTQuick Books
SMTHiPer-Six Memo File

Page 1 (SA-SC)
Page 2 (SD-SM)
Page 3 (SN-SZ)