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Page 1 (SA-SC)
Page 2 (SD-SM)
Page 3 (SN-SZ)

SNDMacintosh Sound Resource
SNDRaw Unsigned PCM Data
SNDAKAI MPC-series Sample
SNDSound Clip (various)
SNGMidisoft Studio Sound
SNMNetscape Folder Cache
SNOSNOBOL 4 Source Code
SNPMicrosoft Access 97 Report Snapshot
SNXQuickBooks Data
SNXStarCraft Saved File
SOUNIX Shared Library
SOASage MAS 90 Accounting Software File
SOBVisual Basic
SOMParadox Sort Information
SOMQuattro Pro Network Serial Numbers
SONSBStudio II Song
SOUSB Studio II Sound
SPUNIX Splint Archive
SPCAtari Spectrum
SPCMultiplan Program
SPCWordPerfect Temp File
SPCSNES Audio file
SPDBitstream Speedo Scalable Font
SPDPostScript Printer Description
SPDSpeech Data File
SPDHarvard Bitstream Typefaces
SPFEnerGraphics Presentation
SPGSprint Glossary
SPIPhilips, Siemens Scanners Image
SPLShockwave Flash Object
SPLSplint Archive
SPLDigitracker Sample
SPLPrinter Spool File
SPLSprint Printer Driver
SPLSpell Checker
SPMWordPerfect File
SPNWordPerfect Distribution File
SPPSprint Printer File
SPPSerif PhotoPlus Native Format File
SPRFoxPro Screen Program
SPRSprite (various)
SPRSprint Document Letter
SPSSPSS source Code
SPSSprint Screen Driver
SPWJandel Sigma Stat Statistical Advisor
SPWSigma-Plot Spreadsheet
SPXFoxPro Compiled Program
SQBSyQuest Backup
SQCStructured Query Language Common Code File
SQDSquish Message Data
SQISquish Message Data Index
SQLStructured Query Language Data
SQRStructured Query Language Program File
SQZSqueeze Archive
SRSun Raster Image
SRBCorel ClipArt ScrapBook
SRCSource code (various)
SRFSun Raster Graphic File
SRLMedical Drug Reference Search Results
SRQMicrosoft Server Request File Unprocessed
SRSSun Raster File Image
SRSMicrosoft Server Request File Partially Processed
SSSplash Image
SSCSourceSafe (source code control) Configuration
SSDSAS database
SSFEnable Spreadsheet File
SSHStyle Sheet for Microsoft Internet Explorer
SSIInstaller/GD Software Setup Information
SSLCorel Smart Library (Corel Flow)
SSMRealPlay Standard Streming Metafile
SSSStudio Session Song
SSTCertificate Store
STSmall Talk Source Code
STNeoPaint Stamp File
STAtari ST Disk Image
STAEudora File
STBGenus Stub Library
STDState Transition Diagram Graphic
STDSureThing CD Labeler Document
STDLocoScript Standard Script File
STFLotus Agenda
STFShrink-to-Fit Archive
STFStructured File (various)
STFSetup Information (various)
STGPageKeeper Storage File
STISymbol and Type Information for Portable Executable Program
STKPersonal Stock Monitor File
STLC++ Standard Template Library
STLCertificate Trust List
STLCAD Software Solid Modeling/Prototyping File
STLMacromedia Fireworks Style Library
STMScream Tracker v2 Music Module
STMState Transition Diagram Model
STMPhotoStudio Stamp
STMSound File
STOGenus Pascal Stub OBJ File
STPPageKeeper Packed Storage File
STRdBase Structure List
STRDataPerfect Structure File
STRStream File (Playstation Discs)
STSMS C Project Status Info
STTAutomap Template
STXCA-Simply Tax
STXSmarText Electronic Book Document
STYMicrosoft Word for DOS Style Sheet
STYMicrografx Picture Publisher Print Style
STYVentura Publisher Style Sheet
STYMS Interactive Music Control
STYLaTeX2e Style
SUBCloneCd Related File
SUBDivx Subtitles
SUDSuper Project Analyzer Data
SUMSummary (various)
SUNSUN Raster Image
SUPError Suppression for Nu-Mega Technologies, Inc. BoundsChecker
SUPWordPerfect Supplemental Dictionary
SUPApple Macintosh StartupScreen
SV$AutoCAD Autosave File
SV1Transport Tycoon Saved Game
SV4RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
SVDWord Backup File
SVGWord Backup File
SVGScalable Vector Graphics File
SVHBlack Diamond Consulting (Surround Video - Animated Internet Picture)
SVRSuperScape ActiveX Superscape Viscape Control
SVSWord Backup File
SVXAmiga 8SVX Sound
SVXInterchange File Format, 8SVX/16SV
SWRaw signed Word (16bit) Data
SWAudio File
SWAShockwave Audio File
SWDStorybook File
SWFShockwave Flash Object
SWFMicrosoft Sidewinder Profile Activator
SWISwish Data File
SWLMacromedia Flash Format
SWPWindows Swap File
SWPDataCAD Swap File
SWPBorland Sprint Backup
SWTVB Setup Wizard Template File
SWTSpace Watch Pro Data File
SWTMacromedia Authoring Flash File
SXWStaroffice Word Document
SY1Ami Pro Smartpix Symbol Library
SY3Harvard Graphics 3.x Symbol
SYDSysedit Backup File
SYLSYLK Spreadsheet Format
SYMSymbol Table (various)
SYMHarvard Graphics 2.x
SYMBorland C++ Precompiled Headers
SYNSynonym File
SYSSystem Configuration
SYSSystem Device Driver
SYW          Yamaha SY-series Wave Files
SYWHarvard Symbol Graphic

Page 1 (SA-SC)
Page 2 (SD-SM)
Page 3 (SN-SZ)